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                                                                May 2000 Sermons

                                                                                 Sunday, May 28th 2000

                                                                  "Worship God Who is Worth It"


1. We Worship One Who Is Worth It.

     A) God as Father

      B) Jesus as Son and King

      C) The Holy Spirit as Comforter

2. Why Do We Worship God?

      A) He is Worthy of Worship

      B) He desires our success

      C) Have too

3. How do we Worship God?

     A) It isn't

          A.1.) A particular Action

             A.2.) Singing Music or Chanting

             A.3.) A physical position

             A.4.) An Emotional State

             A.5) A mindless experience

         B)  It is an Action

       C) It is an Attitude

       D) It is Personal and Corporate


Passages used: Psalm 68:85

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