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                                                                            The Chapel's

                             Praise and Worship Team

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                                                                                               The music minister: Shane Hurst

Sunday Morning Worship:

Music Minister: Shane Hurst

Praise Team: Karen Aguilar, Pamela Henley & Dave Irwin

Piano: Theresa Perkins

Keyboard & Guitar: Tony Aguilar

Drums: Doug Boots


"First Sunday" praise night:

First Sunday leader and lead vocal: Shane Hurst

First Sunday assistant vocal: Karen Aguilar

Piano: Shane Hurst

Keyboard & Guitar: Tony Aguilar

Drums: Doug Boots

Electric guitar: Jeremiah Purvience


                                                                                       About the Praise & Worship at the Chapel:


Sunday Morning the songs that are sung are a combination of Hymns and Praise music. The service starts out with a Hymns and then towards the middle of the service the praise songs are sung. Right before the sermon we sing a hymn and then after the sermon we sing a closing hymn.

First Sunday is a time to gather and have fellowship as well as sing praise songs and worship the Lord. The worship time starts at 6:00 p.m. every first sunday of the month.For the night we sing praise songs to God, hear a small message from the pastor and  some of the ladies of the church prepare refreshments. It is a good opportunity to participate in an evening of praise and worship.

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