Sheetroc installation complete, good luck …
Thursday December 21st 2006, 9:53 pm
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and I say good luck because “little” problems are rear their ugly little heads. For instance, the back staircase is a half-way. That is not what it is suppose to be. I e-mailed Clint and he said he would have to talk to Bob. Well, you go right ahead buddy and talk to Bob but it won’t change what’s in the building specifications and you will fix the problem. Then we have the issue of the pantry door. For some reason they decided that we need a arch over the door. Why? So I asked him to make it square. We still haven’t identified where the security pads are but Ron doesn’t seem worried about it, so I guess I shouldn’t be. Anyway, it was nice seeing the house beginning to come together. The kids seem pretty happy with it as well.

On a sidenote, we met one of our neighbors. They have four kids and are orginally from Seattle, Washington. She said she loves it here compared to Seattle. I told her Grey’s Anatomy makes the place seem so beautiful who wouldn’t want to live there. She said that it had it moments but the rain could get to you after awhile. We talked for about fifteen minutes and then my kids showed up covered in white. At that point I decided that it was time to leave. I mean, who knew what they were doing while I had been talking to our neighbor.

Anyway, everything seems to be following into place for this house. We have visited the community often and haven’t discovered anything about it that we don’t like. Even when the elementary school dismiss, it’s so quick and effecient. No real problems there.

I am sure that everything will be on hold until after the holidays. I was hoping that we would have had the pre-paint meeting before the holidays but I don’t think that is going to happen now. So my next update probably will not be until January.

One more thing, I haven’t taken pictures of the house with the bricks installed because they still haven’t completed the stone facade. The stone was suppose to be delivered this week but it still hasn’t shown up yet. That’s another week that I will be avoiding the house. The thought of a stone in the head isn’t a pleasing one.

Here are a few drywall pictures:
The Front Staircase:
Front Staircase

The Library Niche: (Ron and I are already debating who has dibs on this area. Since I am the one that loves to read, I feel that it’s a no-brainer. ;) )
Library Niche

Holy Rusted Nails …
Saturday December 16th 2006, 8:25 pm
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or whatever it is that Robin says on Batman and Robin, I can’t believe that we are already to the drywall stage. Ron and I drove up to the house site today, really to avoid organizing the garage so that we could move items from the storage to the apartment complex. We discovered that quite a lot has happened in our few days of absences. The last time we were up there I noticed that they were preparing to brick. I don’t like being around houses that are bricking so I vowed to stay away until they finished.

Today we discovered that they have finished bricking all the parts of the house that needs to be brick and waiting on the stone to be delivered for the front of the house. Seeing the brick made me wish that I had gone with the white mortar instead of the cream. I think the white would have looked better than cream with the shade of bricks that I have. Ron said to wait until it completly dries before I write it off. We’ll see.
The inside of the house is totally sheetrocked. They just need to pass nail inspection, then they can texture it. After they texture the walls, we will have our pre-paint meeting and then 30-60 days from that moment we will close. I am sure that that meeting will take place after Christmas. I can’t wait until we have the meeting, then we will be one step closer to being home owners again.

Also, I took pictures of the rooms in the house but can’t decide on which category to put them in. When the house is totally bricked with stone, I will share pictures of both inside and outside. Surely, by then I will have figured a way around this picture problem.

When it rains, it pours …
Monday December 04th 2006, 10:01 pm
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So last week, with that rainy cold blast that arrived in Dallas, Sotherby delivered their own to Ron and I. Billy, our builder, was being pulled off our home to go to Frisco to oversee the building of the Sotherby model for the Spring Parade of Homes. We now have Clint as our builder. I really don’t know Clint, so I can’t say I am unhappy with him. Yet, I knew Billy and we were both pleased with what we had seen so far. Anyway, Clint called me on Wednesday wanting to meet Thursday for our pre-drywall walk through. Ron and I both said okay but the weather got down into the 20s with snow/ice flurries so we post-poned it until today.

Billy came and of course, Ron and I teased him about abandoning us. He promised that Clint was just as good as he was and that all would be well. We walk through the house and only had a few minor things that need tweaking. Clint said that by the end of this week the insulation should be up and next week they will begin the drywall process. After the drywall is complete and we have the pre-paint meeting, we will then get the official date that Sotherby promise to have our house completed by. From the looks of it, I think we will be in our house by the end of March.

House Pre-Drywall

Entering… The Mechanical Stage
Friday November 03rd 2006, 9:01 pm
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So today we went up to the house site to see that they were putting the finishing touches of the roof on the house. We felt so weird seeing an almost complete house on the piece of dirt that we had been stalking for over eight months now. It was like … entering… The Twilight Zone. One minute you have a deserted lot, the next minute there’s a house. We have been warned that now things will slow done considerably because they are going to be concentrating on wiring, security systems, etc. So I don’t plan to visit everyday like I was in October. I think we will just wait until something major happens and then we will go up there and take a look around.

I was going to add pictures of the roof and windows but due to the current picture overload that we are experiencing, I will wait until I have brick pictures then you can see all the mechanical stuff that they have done. Anyway, once they finish with the wires, we have a pre-drywall meeting to verify the location of light switches, phone jacks and what have you. Then they will insulate the house and we will move on to The Cosmetic Stage.

In the words of Dear Speedy, “Arriba! Arriba! Ándale! Ándale!”
Friday October 27th 2006, 6:35 pm
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I don’t quite know what that means but let’s go with fast because I think Sotherby finished framing our house in record time. Watching them build our house, reminded me of that cartoon of that mouse Speedy Gonzales (sp?). He’s running around shouting his catch phrase all the time and I think that is what the workers were doing when they were building our house. No matter what day or what time we went up there, there was someone hammering away until dusk. If it wasn’t for the fact that we have heard nothing but good things about Sotherby homes, Ron and I would be a little concern about how quick they finished with framing.

I had plan to put up views of all four sides of the house to show how they progress daily. However, Ron advise me not to. He has been pulling up this blog at work and according to him, it’s overloaded with pictures. So I apologize to anyone who have had a hard time downloading the pages. As soon as we figure out a way to compress the images, we will fix it.

So, anyway, instead of showing day by day shots, I decided to wait until they finished and show the house completely framed and here it is:

West Side:
West Side of the house

Front View:Front View

East Side:

Back of House:Back of House

Family and Friends, The Framing Has Just Begun …
Thursday October 19th 2006, 11:43 pm
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Okay, for my friends who grew up in the 80s, you know that that is a paradoy off of the Freestyle 1986 hit “The Party Has Begun.” It was stuck in my head and I just had to use it. As you know, the slab was poured on Friday, October 13 (still can’t get over that but oh well, what’s done is done). And Tuesday the kids and I went by the house site and was greeted with this sight:


Yes, they have begun framing the house. We have been told that once this stage starts we could look forwarding to closing within 4-5 months. So at worst case, we will be in our house by the Easter Holidays. Caitie and I talked about how great it would be to do our Easter Egg Hunt in the “new” backyard. The best thing I could wish for is that we close on March 2 and I could use that weekend and the following week (since it’s Canyon Creek’s Spring Break) to get us moved in and unpacked as much as possible. So excited to finally see something after all this time. I can’t to see how much they get done by next week.

Sotherby, we have a slab!
Friday October 13th 2006, 8:08 pm
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Slab 1

Well, finally after weeks of teasing us by putting up a footprint on the lot and “playing” around with plumbing, the slab  was poured today. I can’t say that I am too happy about it because today is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13. I have tried to avoid doing anything on the 13th in terms of this house but unfortunately, I have not suceeded.  Our first home contract was signed on the 13th of May.  Our lease was signed on the 13th of June. Now, our slab is poured on the 13th of October, Friday the 13th mind you.  Okay, I done being over dramatic about the 13th. I mean really there is no scientific standing behind that notion of 13 being an unlucky number.On a sidenote, if Mother Nature had been just a little bit more cooperative, the slab would have been poured on Monday, October 9. Anyway, we were told once the slab is poured you are sure to move in anywhere between 4-5 months from now.  After picking Caitie up from preschool, the kids and I went to the house site and made it just in time to see them start.

Slab 2

For those of you who live near us, you know Chip is a huge Bob the Builder fan. When we would go walking at Russell Creek Park before the cold weather hit, he would ask me to stop so he see the “his trucks” working onwidening McDermott Road. So coming to the house site on this day at this moment was icing on the cake for him.  I guided Caitie and him to the steps of the inventory home across the street to try to help them get a better view.

Slab 3 DSC00054.JPG Slab 2
However, I wanted an ariel view of the slab. So, we climbed back into the car and went to the model to ask Mr. Bob about the key to spec home.  He gave it to us and we return for more pictures and watching the construction workers.  I think Chip liked the new view as well.

DSC00062.JPGDSC000611.JPG DSC000581.JPG DSC000571.JPG

Hopefully, next week, if weather permits, we will see the framing process beginnin which will take 2-3 weeks to complete.

We are go for foundation …
Thursday October 05th 2006, 8:05 pm
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We went up to the house site today and noticed that the tarp had been placed over the pipes. We found Billy and he confirmed that on Monday, they will pour the slab. We can’t wait. It has been eight months since we signed the contract with Sotherby homes. It’s about time we saw some action on the land we purchased (or whether put a down payment on.)
Prep for Foundation

Is there a plumber in the house?
Thursday September 28th 2006, 10:15 pm
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So the lot has been excavated and the forms set. Finally, the city of Murphy granted Sotherby the permits to begin building our home. To start off they did the rough plumbing.  I wasn’t too excited about this part.  I mean who gets excited seeing pipes in the ground and dirt overturned? Yet, I took pictures anyway.  However, they seem to focus more on the kids playing in the dirt than the actual rough plumbing.

DSC00005.JPG DSC00006.JPG

This is your house on the lot, any questions?
Thursday September 21st 2006, 8:40 pm
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At the team meeting (the meeting that finalize on selections and changes made to the floorplan) on August 24th, Billy (our builder) stated that the forms would be on the lot in about two to three weeks. So three weeks later we have the forms up on the lot.


The forms basically tells you where the house will be located on the lot. It also gives you an idea of the size yard you will have. It seems as if our back and side yard will be a nice side. I think it will be similar to what our old yard was. Ron thinks it is smaller. We will see.