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Who Can Submit?
Ethical Standards
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Who Can Submit Material?

We accept writers who have never been published, who have been published but have not made it big, people with degrees, people without degrees, total beginners, and people who have never even thought of putting pen to paper. There are only four things that we ask of you:

Articles and reviews will be taken offline only when I have run out of space. The website will be updated twice a year IF I AM GIVEN ENOUGH SUBMISSIONS, but articles will not be taken offline in less than a year - preferably not for 2 years.

Ethical Guidelines

Think of this as a haven. This is a site where we admit that there is one true system of morality, that there are sins, that there is also goodness, and a God. Here we admit that something restricts our actions, but improves our lives.

Here is what you should bear in mind when you write your articles:

  1. Do not advocate anything that is (nearly) universally agreed upon by the church to be a sin. If it's listed in the Bible as a sin, and you think that it is not, then this is not the place to express your views. If most denominations of the church would frown upon it, but you want to argue that it is not presented as a sin in the Bible, then this is still not the place to express your views.
  2. Be honest - about your ideas, about your reviews. Don't submit anything to this site that you don't believe in.
  3. Be careful when advocating moral issues. Write down Romans 14 and keep it by you while you are composing, as a reminder not to lead others into temptation.
  4. Make distinctions between bad technique and bad moral tone. If a book is well-presented, is absolute poetry to read, but has a terrible moral message, don't criticize the technique. Criticize the message. We can and should speak in this website of the morality or the immorality of the messages in popular fiction, but let's not confuse bad writing with bad morality.
  5. Don't use a lot of absolutes. Judge not lest you be judged, remember? Don't assume that a person has the worst of intentions; if you're not quite sure what they meant, then just point out that this has a bad effect on readers. Fiction is a hard medium in which to present a point - people have been arguing for years, for instance, over whether Milton wanted Satan or God to win.... Sometimes people mean the right thing, but they put it badly. When characters don't act the way you would, be careful about pointing the finger of immorality.
  6. No slamming or flaming. No all negative reviews of an author's work, and be careful about what you say even in your articles. This is for your protection as well; you can be sued if you say the wrong thing in the wrong place! That is why periodicals print so few negative reviews!
  7. If you have an issue with an article or review that someone else wrote on this website, then, if you feel it is necessary, express your point of view in an article. I welcome different points of view; just don't attack anyone or point out all their errors. Just give your side of the story.
  8. Use constructive criticism. That is, be positive, give us a way not to do this.
  9. I will not, ever, accept any article which might fit under the title Everyone is Going to Hell Except Me.We want positive outlooks, towards what a Christian can do to improve him or herself, and to echo it in their writing. Look to your own heart and criticize yourself first of all.
  10. You must talk about writing in your articles, and you must talk about Christianity. Even if you are submitting an article on techniques, you should not talk about techniques which are applicable to all forms of writing. You need to talk about techniques that are different for Christians.
  11. It's OK to have fun. We love books, and we love the people that write them - including each other. We are among friends - we can tease ourselves about our follies, joke about little habits in genres, write a non-serious piece that nevertheless is thoughtful.
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Created on 12/28/04

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