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THE SLIDER KIND STORY: The Slider Kind Catalog comes to you directly from four young bros with 25 years of riding between them. Having all graduated from the schools old and new, we enjoy all the different styles of boarding. Whether it's carving the pow or hiking the halfpipe, we search annually for that perfect run. Slider Kind is based in the mountains of Northern Idaho's Panhandle. Because of our location, conditions can vary from Utah fluff to Sierra cement, to Eastern Ice, all in one week. We ride in all conditions thus we know what works. Our catalog only carries brands we ride, wear, and use daily on the mountain. You will find no used, blemished, or old closed out boards left from last year, only top quality sleds from hardcore snowboard manufactures.

Slider Kind knows yours needs. Equipment that can perform consistantly and will enhance your vibe. Our sport has come a long way since the days of three board choices. Now with well over one hundred companies pressing out decks and even more clothing companies, choosing the right gear is more of a brain overload than ever. With this in mind our sales and techs are all snowboarders who are dedicated to helping fellow riders. We've always been the different kid on the block, doing our own thing our own way. That's what snowboarding is all about - expression, and our products will help you do exactly that. So, don't be afraid. Be yourself, and we'll see you on the chair!

Todd, Shawn, Ryan, Chris
(Buck, Pops, K2, Pimpy)

By the way, if you're wondering how these boys have time to keep up a web page with all that boarding -- they don't. But, I do! I'm their computer geek friend. I'm pretty new to this HTML stuff, so if you have a suggestion/question/comment, drop me an email. Here's my info:

Chad Koster