( and other home shop foolishness )




This has become my mainstay hobby since I retired a couple of years ago.  I’ll drift off into something else at times but eventually find myself back at it.


Most of the things I’ve done so far are tooling and accessories for the minilathe and drill/mill machines. 

Both are Asian origin and were purchased from Harbor Freight.  Lots of folks around the web on both sides of the argument “they are/are not junk”.  I think they provide outstanding value and will meet the needs of many hobbyist.  I wouldn’t be willing to invest what it would take to get machines with similar capacities and features from any of the top quality manufacturers so it boils down to enjoying the hobby with these tools or finding another hobby.  I do agree with those who have classified these tools as “kits” as they do require some cleanup and tuning.  But, that’s OK.  I like that kind of work too.  If you want to throw in some of the modifications documented around the web, that makes them all the better. 


To take a look at my piddling, use the links over on the left.  Some of the items are “futures” but if it’s underlined, it should work now.


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