Clair Woertendyke in front of the Lew Sterrett Jail announces his candidacy for Dallas County Commissioner 4,
while Wife Nancy of 30 years and more then 50 Sheriff personel cheer.

  "My name is Clair Woertendyke and I am a "Born Again" Democrat running for Dallas County Commissioner, District 4.
  I have been walking the district since June 2,1997 to over 8,000 households. Grassroots campaigning is a lost art which few politicians practice. People will vote for you when personal contact is made.
  I will not be the well financed campaign, but I do have over 50 unpaid grassroots volunteers. I have the ability to make my own mailing labels but I need funds to have the my literature printed. Grassroots volunteers are needed to distribute my literature and yardsigns.
  I have the yardsign material for at least 2500 signs and need volunteers to print them.
  Already, I have saved $1000 by collecting 750 signatures in lieu of the cash filing fee. Also over 50 precinct chairs have endorsed my candidacy. While walking the district over 100 people gave small  $5,  $10,  $25 contributions to my campaign, many had never given a political contribution before."

Susan Moore of Irving signs Petition to have Clair Woertendyke's name placed on Ballot for
the March 10, 1998 Democratic Primary Election.

Clair Woertendyke Highlights
  • Dallas W. W. Samuell 1960
  • United States Air Force ( TAC)1961-65
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Air Lift of Hawk Missiles into Viet Nam 1965
  • East Texas State University transfer 1965-66
  • Married May 1967 to Nancy Jane Wood, now for 30 years
  • Daughter Connie Jane Gallegos, Kilgore Rangerettes "Forever"
  • Son Charles Hugh, deputy constable for Ellis County
  • Son Clair Conly Jr., 1996 graduate of Marine Military Academy
  • Son Harry Orville, 1997 graduate of Highland Park High School
  • Self employed Architectural Graphics Contractor 1972 to date:

      Architectural Graphics Projects
  • Dallas City Hall
  • Dallas Convention Center Expansion
  • Braniff World Headquarters
  • Baylor Medical Plaza
  • Medical City Dallas
  • Air Mail Facility DFW
  • American Airlines DFW Air/Freight Terminals
  • Tulsa International Airport
  • Robert Mueller Airport Austin
  • Camp LeJeune Naval Hospital
  • and many others

Clubs and Memberships

  • Life Member of VFW
  • Vietnam Veteran USAF
  • Member of AARP
  • Member Irving Democrats
  • Member Grand Prairie Democrats
  • Member Oak Cliff Democrats
  • Sustaining Member Democratic Party
  • Former Chairman Skyline Crime Watch
  • Former Co-Chair Buckner Terrace Homeowners
  • Former Appointee Dallas Civil Service Board
  • Advocate for Fired Dallas County Employees
  • President, Electronic Directory Systems, Inc.
  • Supporter of Dallas County Sheriff's Petition Drive for Pay Parity

Deputy Sheriff Don Rowe, a Coorinator for H.E.L.P. thanks Clair Woertendyke for his support
collecting over 1,000 signatures for their PARITY FIGHT.

The Other "BAD DEAL"

Clair Woertendyke's opponent Quit his City Council Seat After 6 months of a Two Year Term.
Oak Cliff has NO REPRESENTATION until MAY 1998.
If you would like to volunteer in any capacity ,whether by printing or making of signs, finance just allowing a yardsign to be placed in your yard, then please click here.

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