Text Box: Fields: Technology, Customer Service, and Creative Design.
Text Box: David Hardy
Text Box: Background Experience-

Internet America 07/14/2007- Current

Position: Tier 2 Technician


Job Responsibilities: Answering calls transferred to me from level 1

         technicians, performing advanced          troubleshooting and problem solving,          helping with network projects, assisting          other technicians with lower skill sets,          reconfiguring customer equipment and          network equipment as needed,          communicating with network technicians          and field operations, assisting with          training of new hires, assisting with the          provisioning of customers, auditing open          tickets for mistakes in troubleshooting,          and completing our customer advocacy          program.


7-Eleven 06/14/2005-12/20/2006

Position: Lead Cashier


Job Responsibilities: Running basic register functions, customer service, maintaining a cash drawer with up to one-thousand dollars and a safe with up to three-thousand dollars, cleaning, Delegating instructions to other employees, and auditing other cash tills for accuracy, ordering merchandise, and various other tasks put forth for me to complete.


Radiant Convenience Stores 05/08/2004-05/09/2005

Position: Night Manager


Job Responsibilities: Ordering of merchandise, daily paperwork, talking with vendors, ensuring customer satisfaction, auditing of cash tills, cleaning, stocking merchandise, making deposits at local bank, scheduling employee hours, running reports on gasoline management systems, and reviewing applicants for hire.

Text Box: David Hardy
9717 Cypresswood Dr. Apt. 1521
Houston, TX 77070
Phone: (214) 878-9629(cell)
Email- dhardy@airmail.net
Text Box: Objective:   To obtain a suitable position that will utilize my current skill levels, as well as enhance my overall employment experience.
Text Box: Skill Sets:
	Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Ruby Systems II, Motorola Canopy software, Zinwell WiFi Technology, Basic Networking and Routing, Wireless Technology, CMSX Database, Help Desk Software, Mail clients (outlook, thunderbird and Mac mail for OS X), Inter-tel phone operation, End User Router Configurations, Microtik WiFi Technology, TheDude Network management Utility,  outstanding customer service skills, exceptional money management and auditing, and basic banking knowledge.