The Honeymoon Page

We spent a fabulous week at the Sandals resort in St. Lucia. If you don't know, Sandals is an all-inclusive resort, where you pay one fee up front, and then you eat, drink, and play as much as you want for the time you are there. Everything is included! Watersports (snorkeling, water skiing, scuba, water trikes, etc.), fantastic food (really gourmet kind of stuff), and all the alcohol you can handle (some really premium liquor brands, too!).


Here are a few shots from the trip:

Here we are at the fountain in the middle of the swimming pool. You might need sunglasses to be able to look at the picture because of the glare off Dave's pale skin.


Man, you'd think my skin never saw the sun! Nice sunset picture, though.


What do you mean "the bar's closed?" I just got here!!!!!!

This is the fabulous Sandals resort in St. Lucia.