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Some info on me:

Currently I live in Carrollton, Texas with my Husband Dennis Robinson, and my son Darius Robinson. I am currently on maternity leave, but my profession is Early Intervention. For those of you who don't know what Early Intervention is, it is assisting the proper development of disabled and atrisk children.

Pictures of my beatiful son

To view click on the blue text following this paragraph. This will allow you to view an image of my son. In the future I will have a small view of the picture called a "thumbnail view" that you can click on to view a large image.

These images are all jpegs. This assumes your browser can view them, if it can't get Netscape.
Darius Lying in Baby seat[Great]

Darius Lying in Bed

Darius Drink beer with daddy

Darius In Tub, towel over stuff

Darius on mommies shoulder

Darius in corner of crib, smiling

Darius Lying in crib looking up

Darius lying in crib, shade on head

Darius with dad, dad wearing red turleneck

Darius lying in chair, sideways!

Darius in green outfit from Velma, sleep

Darius, smiling wide, but fuzzy picture

Darius in crib on side, going down... Pajamas

Darius in tub, getting hair washed, looking up.

Darius on side, on parents bed

Darius in corner of crib, big SMILE

Mommy holding darry up, at contest

Mommy holding darry at contest, red outfit

Deborah Purge-Robinson