Dusty's FAQ

Dusty's FAQ

Dustin Koellhoffer

Plano, TX

I was born in New Jersey in 1956 where I grew up. My father began teaching me chess when I was twelve. In high school I got involved in the media center where I discovered a natural talent for both photography and cinematography. I did sports and candid photos for the yearbook and local paper, and was the primary cameraman to videotape stage productions. It was also at this time that I met a former Marine Lieutenant and Vietnam Vet by whom I became interested in the military. I attended college and received a BA in Journalism - Cinematography from the University of Georgia in '75. I minored in Military History and was in Army ROTC for three years before realizing the army was not for me. I moved to Dallas in '80 with my future spouse where, after a year trying to get a job with local tv and film studios, I took a job with the Dallas Fire Department where I still work as a Paramedic/FireFighter. My marriage in '81 ended in '94. I became a Christian in '85, and a daddy in '90. I'm 6'3" 200#.

Ashley - My little angel

In '88 I went back to school. Testing showed I was most qualified for three careers;

Since I was degreed in the first and couldn't get into the industry, and am happy with the second as a hobby, I began studying the third to change my career path. This went into hiatus in '90 with the birth of my daughter and discouragement at my lack of math background required toward a degree. I achieved a 4.0 average at Richland College in programming courses and will continue my schooling in '96.

After separating from my ex, I met Robin who has made a colossal difference in my life. We have many similar interests (especially sex). She's a beautiful lady;

Robin - My SO

Her primary interest, however, is not the same as mine, but it sure is fun and incredibly erotic. She's been working hard on her web page and WOW! is it good. Check it out:

Vampi - vampi@onramp.net

I hope to continue to develop myself, my relationship with Robin, my next career, and always be a great daddy to my daughter.


Why do I use this tag for myself? Because it is descriptive of my personality. I am a believer in the philosophy of Yin-Yang. In all things there are complimentary opposites. These two characters are representative of my character.

Don Juan is renowned as a great lover, an outstanding military leader, and an excellent swordsman.
Don Quixote is known as a good-hearted Christian man who lived in his own fantasy world as a chivalrous knight, combating evil and rescuing fair maidens.

Both describe well my dichotomous nature, which is why I chose them as my sig for my stories. As the first, I have my lover, wargames, and racquetball, in which I am ranked B-class after two years playing. As the second, I've spent most of my time readingFantasy & Sci-Fi books, watching Action/Adventure movies, and playing games. I no longer shy from women who are overtly sexual, and actually have come to admire them. Being with Robin the past year has made a remarkable improvement in my observational skills in learning human behavior. But, she says I still flirt with the subtley of a freight train.

While I'm on the subject, I suppose I'll conclude here by naming my favorite books and movies.

(And anyone who says Tolkien's work is Satanic has a serious mental deficiency.)


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