David Sandlin Implementation of an Upgrade of the Local Area Network for Sugar Land Bible Church
Unit 10: 6/6/05 - 6/12/05

1) Install Microsoft Office 2003 on all PCs. [Completed]
2) Install new external USB hard drive to use for system back up and setup a scheduled back up job. [Completed]
3) Troubleshoot post-migration issues. [Ongoing]
4) Repurpose the existing server hardware as a PC workstation. [Completed]
5) Develop and present final project report. [Completed]
6) Coordinate changes with ISP to provide in-house e-mail services via Microsoft Exchange 2003. [Completed]

The existing server hardware used an internal SCSI tape drive to provide server back up capabilities. The plan was to move the tape drive and controller to the new server hardware and continue using it for backups. However, the controller for the tape drive required an EISA bus slot and the new server only had PCI slots. It was decided that an external USB hard drive would be setup to provide the media for the server back up.
1) The project sponsor, Hans Meinardus, provided helpful feedback for identifying a new backup solution for the server.
2) This week I used the last of the project resources and added a new resources. I used the old server hardware to create a new PC workstation and installed Microsoft Office 2003 on all the PC's in the office. I added a new Western Digital 80GB USB external hard drive to provide media for server back up.
3) The tasks performed this week did not require any additional research. I was focused on completing the remainder of the project.
4) I learned that servers produced by Dell up until 2001 utilized EISA slots for interface cards. This was surprising since PCI had been well established as a standard interface for servers and PCs by that time.
1) Everything went well this week. All tasks were completed successfully.
2) I am one week behind on my project schedule. I was supposed to be completing system documentation and developing the final report this week. I completed the final report, but documentation still needs to be completed.
3) The project is completed, except for documentation.
4) The contingency plan was not required.