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Children's Church

Sundays during congregational celebration

To expect children to respond in worship like adults is to misunderstand childhood development.  Children naturally fidget. They ask questions - out loud! They have short bodies and even shorter attention spans. They need a place suited for them, where they can worship God in their own ways, not adult ways.

On the other hand, children do need to know how to act in a congregational worship celebration. They need to know when to listen, when to sing and when to pray.

That's why we use a "split-service" form of children's church. Children attend congregational Celebration until a selected time and then are invited to depart for the Friend Ship and Hug Boat.  The Hug Boat is for children 4 and 5 years old.  The Friend Ship is for children in the 1st throught 6th grades.  We believe that it is good for children to participate in congregational Celebration each Sunday as well as have a special place all their own.

Children's Sunday

At least once a year we bring the ministry of the Friend Ship to the congregational Celebration - usually on the first Sunday of June. On this Children's Sunday, our children lead the rest of the congregation in worship, children's style.

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