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I am convinced that the foundation of spiritual growth starts with accountability. You have probably heard the phrase, "there is no spiritual growth without accountability." We at IMPACT Youth Ministries believe strongly in small groups that provide teaching and accountability to help one mature in their walk with Christ.

Our discipleship program is our foundation for ministry and is based on a four tier approach with an increased commitment of time and requirements as one progresses through the four levels. Discipleship I and II take ten weeks and twelve weeks respectively, and are based on comparing one's spiritual walk to a mountain climbing adventure. Discipleship III and IV each consist of a year and incorporate service as well as evangelism projects into the process, with Discipleship IV culminating with students leading a Discipleship I group.

Generally these groups take place on Sunday afternoons at a leader's home or the church building. Below, you can look at the curriculum process. These groups are a must for every student.


Discipleship Group Time Period What is its Purpose? What Student?
Salvation and assurance
Who is Jesus
Knowing the Bible is true
Spiritual disciplines - time w/God
Dealing w/temptation
Importance of Baptism
Importance of tithing
Importance of fellowship
9 weeks Impact as a team and action Committed student can include crowd or congregation student
Passion for God
Identity in Christ
How to experience freedom
Understanding the Holy Spirit
The importance of prayer
Bible study and prayer applications
Importance of sharing Christ
Importance of serving others
12 weeks impact as a
team and action
Committed student
Impacting by action in service
Intense study of making
   right choices
Spiritual warfare
Whatever it takes -
   radical Christianity
Getting into the commitment zone
Impacting by prayers
2 semesters impact by character Commitment zone students
Training/application to
   discipling others
Study of how to experience God
   and know His will for your life
Impacting by action in service
Getting into the commitment zone
Investing by sharing with others
Leadership training
2 semesters impact by investment and priority Commitment zone students


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