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Fort Worth Teen Challenge is a non-profit Christian inter-denominational drug and alcohol habilitation ministry for women ages eighteen and older. Those deciding that they are serious about wanting a permanent change in their lives, make a personal, voluntary commitment to come and live in our residential program for a period of twelve or more months or as long as is necessary. We require a minimum of 12 months because in most cases, there needs to be a definite cultural change which can only be facilitated over an extended period of time.

We are not merely a long-term residential program, but are also a highly structured program producing responsible and accountable people. We choose to focus on a "home" type of atmosphere, playing down any resemblance to institutionalism. Those who are seeking help are referred to our office by various sources including Adult Probation and Parole Systems, Pastors, rehabilitation programs, families, and even the women themselves. Entrance into the program is preceded by an interview process.

We reach out to those who need help. The individual seeking help is received into the program, withdrawn from all addicting habits, and brought into a consistent schedule of Bible studies, prayer, work, and recreation. There is opportunity to acquire a G.E.D. diploma along with certain homemaking and business skills, etc. Our homey atmosphere, which is casual yet disciplined, allows for one to feel truly loved, thus giving the freedom for that person to "open up" without fear of rejection, instead of being expected to function according to structured rules only.

Their are two levels to this program. The first being in the main home. After the ladies enter the program they live in the main home for approximately 8 or more months. And during this time they have various activities, responsibilities, duties, and eight levels of bible-based curriculum to complete. Upon completion of the curriculum, which takes approximately eight months, the ladies move two blocks down the street to the Re-entry home. While living at the re-entry home they get a job and give half of their income towards bills. This is a time for them to gradually re-enter society and have financial responsibility. After approximately four months in the re-entry home they are eligible for Graduation. Following completion of the program, the women are given the choice to be placed back into their own family unit, move out on their own and continue working, enroll in college to further their education, or continue working and living at the re-entry home for a period of time. Once transition is made after graduation we then start a follow-up procedure which involves keeping in contact with them. This is continued over a period of one year. It provides added stability for those who are needing our assistance for any reason and also reinforces the fact that we care about what happens to them.

All of our services at Fort Worth Teen Challenge are free except for a $50.00 book fee. Being a non-profit organization, we are locally supported and dependent entirely on free-will gifts and contributions from churches of various denominations, local businesses, corporations, and individuals in general. We do not receive any funding from the state or federal government.

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