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The Pioneer Skills Series

Historic American Productions, Inc. proudly presents the Pioneer Skills video series. This eight-tape series is an exciting educational tool designed to enhance the teaching of American history by promoting interest in the skills that were instrumental in establishing the United States.

Each tape highlights a different skill.

Each video presents the historical perspective of a specific skill from its origin through the colonial and westward expansion of the United States to its present day application.

The actual skill is then demonstrated by an expert craftsman; a summary follows, leading to a test.

Each test consists of ten questions: fill in the blank, True/False, and multiple choice. A response question is added for extra credit and/or further discussion. The test section concludes with an answer session.

Series Description:

Pioneer Skills Series
The Tradesman Series The Homestead Series
The Blacksmith The Weaver
The Saddlemaker The Potter
The Wagonmaker The Spinner
The Ropemaker The Basketmaker

Series Features:

So many of the skills, crafts and traditions that were instrumental in the formation of America are fading into obscurity. It is our hope that through these programs our past can be kept alive... For our history is one of great endeavor and accomplishment and deserves to be remembered. - The Producer.

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