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  • DSS Satellite systems from RCA
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    Installation is Available in most locations

    Digital Satellite Systems(DSS)
    The DSS is the most popular consumer product in history, and for obvious reasons.
    1. Digital Quality means a perfect picture all of the time
    2. True CD quality audio means a true to life viewing experience
    3. Up to 200 channels of entertainment
    4. An affordable alternative to cable TV
    5. A 72 Programming guide that tells you everything you need to know about every show
    6. Incredible ease of use
    7. Ownership(no more leasing!!)

    Programing is supplied by two great providers


    USSB offers a variety of entertainment including but not limited to Multi-Channel HBO(THAT'S 5 HBO's),Multi-Channel Showtime(3), Multi-Channel Cinemax(3), and Multi-Channel MovieChannel


    DirecTv offers a wide variety of entertainment including News, Sports, Movies, Series, Pay-per-veiw, and not to mention 30+ CD quality music channels to fit anyone's taste in music.
    RCA is the original name in Digital Satellite Systems, offering the latest technology in their Generation II DSS systems. All of these systems include an on line program guide that lists every program that is on currently and up to 3 days in advance. Each listing includes the program's name,rating,starting time,ending time,channel location,and what the program is about., all at the touch of a button . Systems also include outputs for future technologies like HDTV, and DirectPC(already here) .All systems include thier manufacturers warranty*.

    3 Models are available

    1. DS3330RA

      Basic Receiver, Single Output Dish


    2. DS4430RA

      Deluxe Receiver, Dual Output Dish


    3. DS7430RA

      Advanced Receiver, Dual Output Dish


    If you would like help choosing which system is for you, then press here for RCA's help, When you make your decision press "BACK" until you see us again.

    Home Theatre(Hi-Fi&Surround Sound)

    A quality sound system can give years of listening entertainment, and can drastically improve your telivision viewing experience, by giving you a true theatre-like experience


    Your Home Theatre Solution!!

    1. 200 watts to 5 speakers, plus a powered bass module
    2. System controller that switches 6 compon189.95

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