This is the normal ear position

The yellow area is where the glue should be placed

Dotted line indicate where the adult ear should be - relative to the standing position. Note that it is important that the crease overlap, and inset are correct (as shown).

Insert the tip of finger. Pinch the edge of the ear with the thumb and roll to create crease and lift. The lift creates the important overlap illustrated in the 3rd picture. Only the tiny bit of glue on the area in which the forward section of the ear overlaps the rising section can set the upper position of the ear.

This is the correct glued ear position. The upper position is glued flat. The ear is glued close to the base of the ear. There is an open air passage. The tip may vary slightly as shown.

This ear position is wrong. The upper ear stands above the skull.

This ear position is wrong. The forward section is not inset from the bell or is glued closed. There should be an open air passage.

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