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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
The secret of getting started is breaking your
complex overwhelming tasks
into small manageable tasks,
and then starting on the first one.

    Mark Twain

Hebley & Associates provides training, mentoring and placement services in Project Management focussing primarily on the iterative & incremental Unified Process.

No one software development process works for all organizations, all companies or all projects. However proven techniques for good process management are well understood and can be applied in almost all situations.

The software development process is a business that provides a structure for determining the customer needs, establishing the project goals, estimating the scope of the tasks, defining the team structure and executing the project on a defined, predictable schedule and within budget.

Formal training in the techniques and tools of modern project management is typically only half the job. Mentoring project teams in how best to approach the day to day issues will develop a project wide process culture and will help create company wide improvements in software quality and usability.

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