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Welcome to My Web Space!

This site was created as a resource to foster technical knowledge and inform the reader about safe computing in today's Internet world.  It also is a reflection of who I am and my interests.  You will mostly find the information on this site geared toward Windows based systems (yes, I know.  I'm slowly but surely migrating my talents!) to include tid bits of info about 'Other' Operating Systems - hehe.  Hopefully, this site will continue to grow with newer and interesting technology briefs, however I only had 10MB, and this site came in right @ 9.76MB  so I couldn't include everything I wanted to talk about.  You will need to enable JavaScript in your browser of choice for this site to display properly, but is best viewed in Internet Explorer with ActiveX controls enabled.  As a last note, this site is FREE from Plagiarism and Malware.  Wherever there is quoted material, sources are always cited.  

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Thank you for taking to time to drive through.  Enjoy and please come back! 

If you feel this site is missing something or if there is an orphan link, please feel free to let me know so that I may update it.  Send correspondance or general knowledge questions to Webmaster:  jripley@airmail.net


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