In Memoriam




Three FOUR Mastiffs


Who came into our lives, and left all too soon


By Wes Copas

March 3, 2004

(updated May 26, 2006)

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Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis


(Grant them eternal rest, Lord, and may perpetual light shine upon them)

- Mozart, W.A., Requiem K.626


Click here to read the rest of the story (updated October 15, 2004)

Click here to read about Tiny (updated My 26, 2006)


The links below tell the stories of four Mastiffs who graced our lives for several years (it used to be three, but another has joined the crew at the Bridge).  Each had his or her own distinct personality, and was loved in his or her own way.  They gave us all they had, and we miss them all dearly.  As you can see in the "rest of the story," the pain of losing these four wonderful companions has been blunted by the addition of a couple of Mastiffs (now three) who came to us straight from the Almighty, or so it seems.  Their coming into our lives has been a wonderful blessing...


Each of the four departed Mastiffs now has his or her own page.  I recommend that their stories be read in order, as each builds upon the last.



1)  Click here for CHANCE's story

(click on thumbnails to enlarge photos)


2)  Click here for RION's story

3)  Click here for AGGIE's story

4)  Click here for THEA's story



One of the most meaningful activities we undertook with Chance, Aggie and Rion was pet therapy work with a San Antonio hospice, Vitas Healthcare.  To read about some of these experiences and their long term effects on us, click on the following links:


Click here to read about "The Boys" - an article written by Tina for the Mastiff Club of America's Journal in 1996




Click here to read about therapy dogs and death - an account of one particular visit which showed us the value of our services to people who needed it so much.






That’s the story: The four dogs described above lived with us for far too short a time, and they are sorely missed. However, as you have seen, they gave us countless blessings and boundless joy; I think I can safely say that our family gave these dogs blessings, too. The tears are not all shed yet; many a late night filled with remembrance, many calls for the missing dogs when we call them in from the yard, many extra milk-bones when we count out the evening snack are still to come. This page is a tribute to the memory of four of the best dogs who ever walked the world’s paths, and in closing, I offer a poem written by a dear friend, describing the feeling of learning about the tragedy others experience “out there” in Cyberspace.




Touch of the Net


I've lost a friend I didn't know,

The message came today,

Propelled through wires at speed of light,

From near or far away.


A noble friend, of ancient blood,

A staunch and mighty guard,

A loving comfort, Hero spawn,

Fair grist for any bard.


He left behind a family

And friends to mourn his death,

She left behind a wash of tears,

As she breathed her last breath.


Computer networks span the globe

And contact now is found

With folks that we may never see

But feel with touch profound.


The dots of light on screen of glass

Shape words of joy or pain,

We teach and learn and share our lives

And blessings deep we gain.


So now I sit with sniffling nose

And tears flow down my face,

I share a loss and try to find

Pure words of peace and grace.


A dog has died, but more than that,

A precious life has passed.

We take them in, they bless our lives,

Then leave us much too fast.


God grant us peace and mem'ries long,

Our short-lived friends to keep,

In stories, images, and thoughts,

To calm us as we weep.


Now, lightning's brother, speed my words,

Through fibers, disks, and such.

May cold computer magic turn

To caring, human touch.


Bob Stewart

24 February 1998




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