Adam West

We were flipping through a 1980 book entitled Who's Who of the Horrors and Other Fantasy Films, by David J. Hogan, when we came across this statement about Batman as played by Adam West in the 1966-1968 TV series:

"The character has not lived down
West's campy, paunchy image."

While we can't exactly fault Mr. Hogan's memory of the Adam West version of the caped crusader, we did feel it was useful to offer another perspective on Mr. West himself. The image above is undoubtedly from his pre-Batman career, which included appearances in such films as The Young Philadelphians (1959), Tammy and the Doctor (1963), and of course the cult classic Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964).

Since a number of actors like Gary Conway, Glenn Corbett, and even Don Johnson, used to turn up occasionally in "skin" magazines, we are now wondering if Mr. West perhaps had a pre-cinema career as a model.