Aron Kincaid

Is this a surfer boy, or what? And isn't that just the coolest of names? In fact, the name is so familiar that you might think he co-starred in a few dozen or so of your favorite movies. At least that's what we thought, even though the only Aron Kincaid movie we could positively identify was 1965's Beach Ball, which we've actually seen a few dozen or so times. Oh, it's not a very good movie at all -- the Frankie & Annette beach epics seem like Freed-unit MGM musicals by comparison -- but it's worth viewing for at least two reasons: (1) Aron Kincaid's surfer boy looks, and (2) the Supremes actually singing a song called "Surfer Boy." And guess what? The Aron Kincaid/Supremes connection doesn't stop in the name of love there. That same year Kincaid apparently had a cameo role in a Frankie-sans-Annette epic called Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, for which the Supremes sang the title song!

As for the rest of the Kincaid filmography, we spotted a couple more pictures we know we've seen: 1960's Spartacus (if you blinked you missed him) and 1976's Gable and Lombard (if you took a leak you missed him). Of course, Kincaid's resume also includes 1965's Ski Party and 1966's The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini, which we may or may not have seen -- who the hell is going to remember all the movies they've seen on TV at four o'clock in the morning? There's also a hefty list of Kincaid TV credits, which sort of go on for days. This guy appeared in just about everything: Lassie, Perry Mason, Leave It to Beaver, Thriller, The Patty Duke Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, and even Shindig.

We really want to know what Aron Kincaid did on Shindig. Does anybody know? Did he dance? Did he sing? Did he pose on a sufboard? Were the Supremes there?