Carroll Baker


Director: Gordon Douglas

A publicity still for one of 1965's two film biographies of the late Jean Harlow, who died June 7, 1937, at the age of 26. Carol Lynley starred in the other Harlow film. According to Ephraim Katz in his Film Encyclopedia, "neither star could even remotely capture Harlow's legendary sparkle and glamour." That may be true, but here at the Meeker Museum we passionately believe both Baker and Lynley had "sparkle and glamour" of their own, some of it pretty "legendary," so Mr. Katz's point is, well, moot. Didn't a lot of us go to see the Baker Harlow for Carroll Baker and NOT for Jean Harlow? Incidentally, the photo above has Baker looking a lot more like the real Harlow than she does anywhere in the film.