Eve Arden

Dane Clark      Eve Arden


Director: Lewis Seiler

How many times have you sat in the dark watching credits for some movie full of stars you didn't particularly care about and suddenly Eve Arden's name popped up and you knew you were going to be glued to the seat for the next 91 minutes? Nobody else in movies, radio, or TV had anything like this lady's distinct personality and certainly nobody could deliver a wry or caustic line with her particular flair. It's also no minor achievement that she was able to hold her own with Joan Crawford in a couple of pictures, including 1945's legendary Mildred Pierce.


Robert Rockwell      Eve Arden

Our Miss Brooks

Director: Al Lewis

How many sitcom performers have played the same character in three different mediums? Eve Arden's popular comedy series Our Miss Brooks originated on CBS radio in 1948, eventually became a hit TV series for CBS (1952-1956), and was adapted as a feature film in 1956. We believe the above still is from the film version. Let us know if we're wrong. To clear up another confusion, we were recently informed that the director listed above, Al Lewis, is very definitely not the Al Lewis of "Grandpa Munster" fame. These things are important, you know.