John Drew Barrymore

The Shadow on the Window

Director: William Asher


Barbara Rush    John Drew Barrymore


Director: George Templeton


Long before the Baldwins and the Arquettes, there was the Barrymore clan, which consisted of siblings Lionel, Ethel and John Barrymore. It's not really stretching it that much to say that the "Fabulous Barrymores" were the most distinguished acting family of the past three million years. Their parents had been the stage actors Maurice Barrymore [aka Herbert Blythe] and Georgiana Drew. One of John Barrymore's wives was Dolores Costello and their union produced John Blythe Barrymore Jr., who entered films in 1950 as John Barrymore Jr. In the late 1950s his billing changed to John Drew Barrymore. [Are you still reading this?] Just for fun, let's test your movie trivia skills. John Drew Barrymore is the father of which well-known contemporary screen actress?

      1. Julia Roberts
      2. Agelina Jolie
      3. Madonna
      4. Matthew McConaugh
      5. Drew Barrymore
      6. Duh