Julie London

The Third Voice

Director: Hubert Cornfield

Julie London!!! That look, that voice, that . . . everything! In the 1950s, and even later, she pretty much defined the concept of sultry. And when the lady sang she went beyond sultry into something like, well, X-rated.

Hopefully, one of the cable channels will put together a retrospective of Miss London's best film work. This is a career that needs to be studied, analyzed and, well, committed to memory.

Julie, we won't forget you.


Selected Films:
1944 Jungle Woman
1945 Nabonga
1947 The Red House
1948 Tap Roots
1956 The Girl Can't Help It
1957 Drango
1958 Voice in the Mirror
1958 Man of the West
1959 The Wonderful Country
1960 The Third Voice
1961 The George Raft Story