You hear the name Kerwin Mathews and you think of myths and monsters and amazing adventures in fantastic kingdoms.

He was the screen's ultimate Sinbad, the only Gulliver worth remembering, and a Jack the Giant Killer for the ages.

Not bad for a former high school speech teacher from Wisconsin.

On screen Kerwin Mathews was much more than just a storybook fantasy hero who fearlessly faced the Cyclops and the sword-wielding skeletons of special effects wizard Ray Harryhausen -- he was a versatile performer who excelled in a variety of film and television roles in a career that spanned more than 20 years. During that time he shared the screen with many of the movie kingdom's most memorable images, including not only Harryhausen's exotic wonders but also the likes of Kim Novak, Frank Sinatra, Spencer Tracy, Van Johnson, Ernest Borgnine, and such Meeker Museum favorites as Guy Madison, Glenn Corbett, Pier Angeli, Gia Scala, Robert Loggia, Tina Louise and Christopher Lee.
A review in Variety once referred to Mathews as "both virile and thoughtful," which almost perfectly describes this performer's particular screen image and presence.

Although still very active in his private life, Kerwin Mathews has been retired from moviemaking since the 1970s. We respect his privacy and include these pages merely to honor a man whose very name conjures fantasy, adventure, and a good time at the movies.


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