Suzanne Pleshette on the Web
Suzanne Pleshette is not merely one of the finest and most underrated actresses in Hollywood history, she also happens to be one of the finest actresses who ever married Troy Donahue! She also worked for Alfred Hitchcock, made a movie with Ralph Meeker, and wound up in bed with Bob Newhart more than once. So check out this amazing site to explore the career of a one-of-a-kind classy lady. The site was created by Blase Di Stefano. After you explore his obsession with Pleshette, be sure to read some of the "out and in" celebrity interviews in the "Blase's Faces" section.

Tuesday Weld
Meryl Streep movies are prime examples of modern cinematic excellence and Bette Davis movies are national treasures, but Tuesday Weld movies are essential to life. With that in mind, you might want to visit one of the web's original great fan sites, the Tuesday Weld pages of Ray Davis. Caution: this is a mind-altering website.

Elvis' Women
Probably no two words in the entire English language promise more fun than the words "Elvis' Women." If you think we're exaggerating or kidding, then visit Elvis' Women and see for yourself. Elvis was no fool when it came to girls, girls girls, and he surrounded himself with some of the most fascinating women of the past two or three centuries, among them Anne Helm, Dolores Hart, Stella Stevens, and Deborah Walley. You'll find still another Tuesday Weld page here. (In the future, everyone on the web will have a Tuesday Weld page for 15 minutes.)

Doug McClure
There are two things in the universe about which you can be completely sure: (1) there is a God, and (2) there is a Doug McClure website. We happened to trip over it one day while surfing and we found ourselves really mesmerized by all those photos of the late Mr. McClure, easily one of our favorite movie and TV stars of all time. Our own Potpourri Lounge also has a couple of nice shots of Doug that you might want to examine. Gee, with all this interest in the guy, he'll probably wind up on a postage stamp ahead of Ralph Meeker.

Canvass of a Cowboy
Okay, you're just going to have to take our word for this one. It's still another Doug McClure site, but this one is devoted entirely to the actor's portrayal of "Trampas" on the old Virginian TV series (1962-1971). The site presents an almost endless array of McClure/Trampas photos, plus some shots of the rest of the cast and some of the guest stars, plus a good supply of episode information. After we visited this one, it occurred to us that practically everybody who ever appeared on The Virginian should be the focus of a web site -- especially Roberta Shore!

Don Grady
Heard the My Three Sons theme music lately? Be careful, after you visit the Don Grady page at you won't be able to get it out of your head for weeks! However, this is one of the essential celebrity websites. Don Grady was, after all, one of the essential TV stars of the past three or four centuries. He was also a Mouseketeer, which places him in the Pantheon with no less than Annette! For tons of info on Don and Annette and ALL the other Mouseketeers, make sure you see everything on this site. Just be aware that it causes brain damage. And of course, our own Potpourri Lounge also has a Don Grady page.

The American Wide Screen Museum & Film Technology Center
You really have to see The American Wide Screen Museum & Film Technology Center to believe it. The creator of this exceptionally well-researched site probably can't talk intelligently about Fabian movies and chew gum at the same time, but he sure knows a thing or two about Cinerama, Cinemascope, VistaVision, Todd-AO and all those other exotic processes that made our icons look better than we did. We only hope this someday gets turned into a real museum where we can go view the films the way they were meant to be viewed.

Internet Movie Database
If you need to do research on virtually any movie or TV celebrity -- and that includes Elvis' women, Tuesday's men, or even Don Grady! -- we suggest you start with the almost always reliable Internet Movie Database. Where else can you find a filmography for somebody like Peter Coe? And while we're on the subject, check out our own page on this guy. Can you believe he first appeared onscreen in the early 1940s?. He looks like somebody who ought to be running around naked with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Yvonne Craig
She was Batgirl in the old Batman TV series. This is a fairly interesting site and it's going to have to do until there's an Yvonne Lime page.

John Phillip Law
We don't like a lot of laws, but John Phillip Law is an exception.

Don Stroud
At the age of 17 he was a champion surfer boy. At the age of 18 he was hired to be Troy Donahue's stunt double. In his 20s he appeared in movies with legends like Simone Signoret and Diane Varsi. Are we talking about a major star here or what? As if his credentials aren't impressive enough, it turns out that Don Stroud is also a hell of a nice guy to meet in person. Visit his web site to get more information on this fine actor and also check out Don in our own
Potpourri Lounge.

American Movie Classics
AMC has kind of turned to crap, hasn't it? It's been ages since we've seen any of the really important stars (like Susan Kohner) on this cable channel. And lately they've even resorted to selling ad space in the middle of all those 1970s Lee Marvin movies they come up with. We don't really recommend AMC at all, but we're leaving this link so you can e-mail them and complain.

Turner Network Television
On several occasions they've celebrated Ralph Meeker's birthday (November 21) with a mini-festival of Meeker films.

Turner Classic Movies
They are still the best oldie-but-goodie cable channel. More than any other cable channel, they deliver all the really great stars. In fact, we just watched one of the better Haya Harareet films on TCM. It was called Ben-Hur, or something like that. Incidentally, we have a nice still of Miss Harareet in our Potpourri Lounge.