Tuesday Weld

Madame X

Director: Robert Ellis Miller

Before Tuesday Weld was even born the movies had already cranked out four or five screen versions of Madame X, the famous soap opera about the self-sacrificing mother who winds up being defended on a murder charge by an attorney who doesn't know his client is his own mama. There was a Ruth Chatterton version in 1929 and a Gladys George version in 1937, but most people who are still awake at three o'clock in the morning probably best remember the lavish Lana Turner version of 1966.

In 1966 Tuesday Weld, already in her twenties, played a high school sexpot in the wacko cult classic Lord Love a Duck. A couple of years later, way into her twenties, Tuesday would play a murderous high school sexpot in still another cult classic, Noel Black's Pretty Poison. If somebody had told you back then that she would someday star in a TV version of Madame X, would you have believed it? We couldn't have foreseen such wonders any more than we could have predicted a TV remake of Pretty Poison, which, of course, came to pass. Madame X is far from Tuesday Weld's finest TV work, but by all means seek it out as if it were the Holy Grail. If it's Tuesday, it must be, uh, fabulous.