At last, one of the loveliest film scores of all time, Franz Waxman's magnificent Peyton Place, is on CD courtesy of RCA. If you're a soundtrack collector -- and who isn't -- this one is absolutely essential for your collection. In fact, you might as well just throw out all your other CDs and stock up with as many copies of this one as you can find. Incidentally, the Meeker Museum has several copies of the original vinyl soundtrack, including one that Terry Moore autographed for us about five years ago. And, no, it's not for sale. We pray to it and would probably offer human sacrifices to it if that weren't like a really rude and evil thing to do.

Following is a list of the Peyton Place track titles and times:

1. Main Title -- Hilltop Scene 1:35

2. Entering Peyton Place; Going to School 2:50

3. Rossi's Visit 2:26

4. After School 2:48

5. Swimming Scene 5:07

6. After the Party; Chase in the Woods 2:45

7. Constance's Story; Allison's Decision 3:53

8. The Rape 2:23

9. Peyton Place Draftees; Honor Role 5:55

10. Love Me, Michael; End Title 1:16

Notes on RCA's original Peyton Place soundtrack:
-- Music composed and orchestra conducted by Franz Waxman.
-- Recorded December 1957.

July 2000
Varese Sarabande presents a stunning
new recording of Franz Waxman's
Peyton Place score.


A perfect companion for the original RCA soundtrack, is this new recording from Varese Sarabande, featuring Franz Waxman's Peyton Place score beautifully reinterpreted by Frederic Talgorn and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Cover art for Varese Sarabande CDs often features paintings instead of photos or poster art. We were particularly impressed with the illustration of Diane Varsi (as Allison MacKenzie) on this new release.

Following is a list of the track titles and times:

1. Main Title 3:53

2. Entering Peyton Place 1:57

3. Going to School 1:22

4. After School 3:36

5. Hilltop Scene 6:45

6. Rossi's Visit 2:59

7. After the Dance 2:29

8. The Rape 2:07

9. Summer Montage 1:19

10. Chase in the Woods 2:29

11. Swimming Scene 5:37

12. Constance's Story 2:04

13. Allison's Decision 2:09

14. Leaving for New York 1:45

15. Peyton Place Draftees 3:27

16. Honor Roll 2:18

17. Love Me, Michael; End Title 2:05

18. End Credits 1:42

Notes on Varese Sarabande's Peyton Place:
-- Produced by Robert Townson.
-- Recorded at City Halls, Glasgow, on September 13, 1999.
-- Cover painting by Matthew Joseph Peak.
-- First page of CD booklet features a shot of Lana Turner, Diane Varsi and the
Peyton Place crew posing in front of a large photo of the Peyton Place arch.
-- Also in the booklet is a photo of Rosemary Clooney (you know, George's aunt) at a recording session for
Return to Peyton Place. She's accompanied by husband Jose Ferrer (who directed the second film) and Franz Waxman. None of this has much to do with the original film, but what the hell.