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September 15, 1964

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June 2, 1969

Peyton Place, the TV series, gave us our first primetime soap opera and during its five-year run it featured one of the largest and most interesting casts in television history. The photo above offers only a handful of the town's citizens: Ed Nelson as Dr. Michael Rossi, Christopher Connelly as Norman Harrington, Ryan O'Neal as Rodney Harrington, Mia Farrow as Allison MacKenzie, Tim O'Connor as Elliott Carson, and Barbara Parkins as Betty Anderson. The cast was headed by Academy Award winner Dorothy Malone (shown below with Mia Farrow), who played Constance MacKenzie.

The TV Cast
(A partial listing)

Dorothy Malone
Constance MacKenzie

Mia Farrow
Allison MacKenzie

Ed Nelson
Dr. Michael Rossi

Warner Anderson
Matthew Swain

Ryan O'Neal
Rodney Harrington

Christopher Connelly
Norman Harrington

Paul Langton
Leslie Harrington

Barbara Parkins
Betty Anderson

Kasey Rogers
Julie Anderson

Henry Beckman
George Anderson

Tim O'Connor
Elliot Carson

Patricia Morrow
Rita Jacks

Evelyn Scott
Ada Jacks

Lee Grant
Stella Chernak


Countless other notables making appearances in TV's Peyton Place at one time or another included: Barbara Rush, Susan Oliver, Ruby Dee, Joyce Jillson, Diana Hyland, Gena Rowlands, Lana Wood, Erin O'Brien-Moore, Ruth Warrick, Mariette Hartley, David Canary, Frank Ferguson, John Kerr, Joan Blackman, George Macready, Wilfred-Hyde White, Leigh Taylor-Young, Dan Duryea, and pretty much everybody else in the world.

Notes on TV's Peyton Place:
-- As far as we know, Erin O'Brien-Moore is the only performer who appeared in both the original film and the ABC TV series.

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