Richard Crenna

Cleo Moore       Richard Crenna


Director: Lewis Seiler

TWOSOME -- Cleo Moore, who stars in Columbia's "Over-Exposed," and her leading man, Richard Crenna, are a romantic duo in the film produced by Lewis Rachmil and directed by Lew Seiler. (original caption)


Cleo Moore

Women's Prison

Director: Lewis Seiler

This page was originally intended as a tribute to the late Richard Crenna, but for some reason we got sidetracked into the career of the late Cleo Moore (1928-1973). Which is lucky, because our detour led us to this fascinating tidbit of information: Ms. Moore unsuccessfully ran for Governor of her native Louisiana after her film career ended. Mr. Crenna, on the other hand, simply was one of the finest and most versatile actors of the past half-century. After a successful radio career, he graduated to television roles, appearing once on I Love Lucy, co-starring with Eve Arden in Our Miss Brooks, and starring in the The Real McCoys. He returned to the big screen in the mid-1960s and after surviving the 1965 bomb John Goldfarb Please Come Home (with Shirley MacLaine), managed to appear in such major films as The Sand Pebbles (1966), Wait Until Dark (1967), Doctors' Wives (1971), Body Heat (1981), and all those silly Rambo movies. We've never actually met anybody who's seen him in Over-Exposed with Ms. Moore, but we're sure their union was at least as interesting as Tracy-Hepburn or Bogie-Bacall. And speaking, again, of Ms. Moore, we understand that she worked frequently for director Hugo Haas, but for some reason our entire Moore collection (which you see here) consists only of stills from Lewis Seiler (1891-1963) films.