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Hi!! My name is Nyte Shadow.

This is a page about Abuse and Help...

It is about Child Abuse and has help links. Also it has a questionnaire that you can fill out on Abuse, if it happened to you or to someone you know who has been abused. I am here to tell you that you are not the only one out there who has been abused. Abuse is rampant in our society today. We all need to help stop this Abuse and to put forth our help for others needing and seeking assistance.

I have personally experienced this type of abuse and it helps to talk to others and get the feelings out in the open. By doing this you can start your personal healing. This is my way of healing what was hurt 30 years ago. For all these years I have kept it inside me. Now that I am opening up the wound has finally started healing.

Please-- feel free to share your story with me if you feel the need. I will understand and be here for you. If nothing else I am a sympathetic ear. I have already helped several other people find the help they need to start their healing.

Please help yourself heal that wound and share it with someone if not me then someone else.  I will be more then happy to recommend someone for you.

I will be adding links as I find them. Some will deal with help on certain subjects, while others will be for fun.
This page is dedicated to those who suffer - from shadows in the night...
you know who you are.

You are not alone...

Please take the time to let me know a little about youself and if you read the page.Any comments are strictly in confidence. This is for me and for you no-one else is allowed to read the things you write. This is not a survey or a project only a person who has been there and wants to be here for you.
I have included a Guest Book. Please sign it and let me know your thoughts. Thanks you.

Age group:

15 - 25
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Personal experience: (optional)

Happened to you.
Happened to family member.
Happened to friend.
Would rather not comment.

Comments you would like to make. Everything written here is in the strictest of confidences.

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Help Links:
Personal Stories for Healing
Sexual Assault Information Page and Links
You are Not Victims
Abuse and Recovery Site
Child Sexual Abuse
Sexual Abuse of Males
Alcoholics Anonymous

Personal Links:
My Personal Story
My Story Told in Poem
My Poetry and Art Gallery
My Heart-Friend's Homepage

I will be adding more Links to the page as time and space allow me to.
Please come back many times and pass on the location to friends.

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