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Essential Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets: The Spin, 1989

This is my favourite Yellowjackets album. Everything seemed to come together for this one---great songs, great playing, great recording. It all just fits perfectly.

Yellowjackets: Samaurai Samba, 1983?

A very upbeat, clean-sounding album. This was my introduction to the band, and is still one of my favourites. It features "Homecoming", which is probably their best-known tune.

Yellowjackets: Four Corners, 1987

This is one of the Yellowjackets' most exploratory albums. It ranges from the exotic 7/8 sequencer-driven textures of "Wildlife" to the free-flowing tone colours of "Geneva".

Yellowjackets: Blue Hats, 1997

This is my favourite of the Yellowjackets' later years, with Bob Mintzer on saxophone. This album features them in full-on fusion mode, with lots of good playing from everyone.