The Caddels say Hi!

This homepage has two purposes 1) To tell you about us and our interest (like Racing) and, because I am a support technician at Internet America , 2) Give techs some resources to do their jobs better. Now on to the gory details.

Hi, My name is Todd and I have a lovely wife named Kathy. We have three kids, Kyle, Stephanie, and Allison and we are all BIG stock car racing fans. But as with any good American family, we all disagree on who is the best driver. To find out more about NASCAR go to their homepage.

My favorite driver is Jeff Gordon the current Winston Cup Champion. At twenty-five he is the youngest driver to win the championship in the modern era of Winston Cup racing. Go visit Jeff at his home page

To view a picture of Jeff 's car click here

To see a picture of Jeff and his car click here