KIC Gingerbread Party 2002

The Party

In November 2002, the KIC group had their first annual (hopefully) Gingerbread Party. We chose November to avoid scheduling conflicts with Christmas partys and related activities. Also, the Gingerbread houses are ready to be enjoyed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Graghm Cracker Houses

The main type of Gingerbread house we constructed were made of simple Graghm Crackers. The individual crackers are cut with a serated knife where needed and "glued" together with regular cake icing. It was tricky to cut the crackers to the right shape without having them snap apart at another place. But whatever you mess up - you can eat!

Gingerbread Houses

We also have a form to bake real gingerbread pieces for houses. These are much more sturdy - and require much more preparation. You have to mix the batter, roll it out, cut each piece with the form, and bake them at least a few days beore you put it all together. These also require a special "glue" icing which is made using egg whites - so you can't eat anything it touches.

Gingerbread Sleighs

Margie Davis also had a form for Gingerbread Sleighs. She made up several sets for the kids to use. They turned out great! They are made in the same way as the real gingerbread pieces, only using a different form.


This was the fun part! Once your structure is standing - it's time to bring it alive with goodies. We all brought a few different types of candies each and pooled them all together so that everyone had a big variety of goodies to choose from. The hard part is saving some pieces for the structure!

Creative Ideas

  • Red hots, or any small candy [Christmas Lights]
  • Powdered Sugar sprinkled everywhere [Fresh Snow]
  • Pretzel sticks [Log Cabin Look]
  • Tootsie Rolls [Stacked Wood]
  • Wheat Thins [Shingles]
  • Waffle Ice Cream Cone [Christmas Tree]
  • Goldfish [Fish Swimming in a Pond]
  • Peperments [Stepping Stones]
  • Maple Goodies or Peanut Brittle [Rocks]
  • Marshmellows - covered in green icing [Bushes]

    Everyone Welcome

    This is a fun event for the young and young at heart! Most of the kids had LOTS of help! We opened this up to anyone who wanted to come. We have plenty of room in the Family Life Center to spread out and get creative! Plan to join us for round two in November, 2003! More details later.