KIC Winter Olympics - Aeronautical Challenge

The Party

In February 2003, the KIC group went to the skys, well ceilings (we were indoors) with paper airplanes! The kids competed in several different competitions. Later, they all took a whack at the "Love Bug" a piņata filled with all kinds of candy and small toys. By then we were all hungry and enjoyed some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

The Events

Finger Flyers

A finger flyer is a little foam rocket with heavy rubber band on the nose. You strap it on a finger, pull the rocket back, and let it fly! The kids sailed these from the balcony above the gym.

Paper Airplanes

First the kids decorated an airplane pattern before having it folded. Next we all headed upstairs to the balcony overlooking the gym floor. Children took turns sailing their plane across the gym. After the competition - and with some adult help - we were able to get one airplane to glide the entire distance long ways down the gym. Great Fun!

Javelin Throw

We took drinking straws and cut the bending end off and to a point. The kids stood behind a line and tried to throw their javelin as far as they could (a straw does not fly as well as you would think). We marked each participants throw and declared a winner!


We made blimps from a very simple pattern. Before flying the blimps, they had to be decorated because this competition was based on style points. Several kids experimented with different designs before settling on a competition model. The blimps were then dropped one at a time from the balcony. They look like the fish symbol before being dropped, but as they fall they begin to spin and look just like a blimp. Three judges provided a score between 1 and 4 with 4 being the highest! The scores were tabulated and the winner was adorned with gold!

Bean Bag Toss

We line the kids up according to age and had them toss five bean bags at the Uncle Sam cutout. The kids really enjoyed this event.

Paper Helicopters

Again, the kids decorated a pattern and let them fall one at a time from the balcony. This time the judges based their decision on the best flight!


This was probably the best part of the day for the kids. For each event the kids participated in they received a beaded necklace. For each necklace they collected, they were allowed to pick a prize from the prize table.

Paper Airplane Link

Paper Airplanes