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All new updated site with a better look and feel, new content.

I've learned quite a bit about web development since I put my original website online in 1997. This redesign reflects some of that new knowledge. At some point, I'll incorporate some of that new knowledge and technology into the browser-based version of my resume as well. In the meantime, feel free to browse either the legacy MS-Word generated html version or the Open Office 2.0 generated PDF. I also need to figure out why the PDF file wants to be downloaded without being clicked. For the interim, I've removed the link but you can still reach it by deep-linking to it - it's named resume.pdf.

I'll also be adding bits and pieces of information and thoughts on some new technology in the hopes of generating some interesting dialog about it, and might possibly move the website to a different server that provides better technology access. The first iteration of updates will be mainly to begin using CSS. Subsequent updates will include some Javascript and some XML.

I'm also working on an XML-based photo album to make it easy to add sets of photos. When I finish that, I intend to make it publicly available for your own customization and use. Don't worry, I'll also provide documentation for customization as well as a method for you to generate and customize such things as the XML itself, picture and thumb names/folders, captions, and even the coloring and positioning of the page elements.

41plustrivia IRC Channel

Over the years I've ventured into chat channels, originally on Compuserve™ beginning in 1984, and since 1995 on the internet IRC channels. IRC, in case you're wondering, is an acronym for Internet Relay Chat. I've found it's a way to meet interesting, intelligent people if you find the right "channel" (analagous to "chatroom") and make yourself a regular there.

One of these places I pretty much call my "home away from home" - the Undernet's "#41plustrivia" channel. My screen name there is "FaxOLife" - before you ask, that's short for "facsimile of life" not "facts of life".

We play trivia there - it keeps the mind sharp - and we prefer non-competitive playing because everyone should enjoy being there, regardless of how quickly you type (or typo.) We welcome people of all ages there, although we are generally adults aged 41 and up.

Our website is, developed by Eugenia Broome, and sometimes maintained by me when she's too busy. Hopefully she'll have time soon to update her own website so she can showcase her web development skills. It's what she does.

The site also has links to showcases for the talents of several of our members including custom crafts and baby accessories, photography, stained glass, and quilts and crafts. There are also links there to help you get connected to IRC and to find us.

More Soon!

More to come soon!

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