Effects of Trade With China on the U. S.

  Fair trade among countries is good for all but when that trade is one sided, the result can be devastating.  Remember, the primary purpose for colonization is to maintain an trade deficit favoring the mother country, making it richer.  Possibly, Americans should look at their trade relationship with China if their government will not. 
  Franklin Crawford, Cornell Chronicle, reported findings by Kate Bronfenbrenner, Cornell's Director of Labor Education Research, showing a
six to one imbalance between imports from China and exports to China and putting the Chinese portion of the trade deficit at 20%.  This is the largest deficit ever given to a single country.  He further pointed out that most companies now relocating to China are major employers.
  CNN reported on September 7, 2001 that the U.S. lost 750,000 jobs to China since 1992.  The report also said that each time a company relocated out side the United States, it affected not just the workers who lost their jobs, but it had a ripple effect on the wages of all other workers in that industry, the labor unions' influence and the tax base, especially in the community of the lost jobs,
  Charles Kernaghan, director of the National Labor Committee, said, "In 1999 the United States took in 42% of all Chinese exports.  And the imbalance is only growing.  In January, the trade deficit between us and them ballooned to 19.3%. 
That's $7.2 billion (more than they buy from us) in a month."
In "Fast Track to Lost Jobs," Robert E. Scott warned that "every state and the District of Columbia suffered significant job losses due to growing trade deficits between 1994 and 2000.
  By granting China Most Favored Nation status,
American politicians effectively put their people in a colonial status to China. This might explain why President Bush Sr., Margaret Thatcher and other Western leaders  refused to condemn China for the Tianamen Square massacre over public protests, why Bill Clinton's administration was accused of giving China American military technology and why President Bush Jr. apologized profusely to the Chinese government and offered money for downing our plane after promising the American people there would be no apology.
  At the same time that apology was being made, members of America's congress received directives from the Chinese government to not interfere in the IOC's decision concerning the 2008 Olympics.  Most were obedient.
  America is suffers lay-offs throughout the country as jobs go to China.  American workers now compete with unpaid prisoners for jobs.  American companies give the available jobs to China's oppressed and pay that government a small fee for their labor.  Only a traitor and a slaver would do such a thing.  American companies are doing it. 
  These companies trade the American economy and honor for profit when they deal with the Chinese government.  Enslavement and oppression carry no honor. 
  By purchasing these products, Americans forfeit its future and its children's future to save a few dollars.  The choice is clear.