Why is everybody in a hurry? I mean people have been saying this since the beginning of the industrial age, but now, today it seems like never before people are just manic. No wonder everybody is tired and unfriendly. This article is not about promoting laziness which I detest, or anti-capitalist. But at the same time, why so much rush to get so much done in a day? It is clear from what I have experienced, the multitudes of conversations with people at work (not just the ones in my industry), and read and seen, this is happening across America, this is taking place.

First Thoughts: This way of life is pushed by Corporate America either inadvertently or by design. Example, we have all heard of "multi-tasking", Hell, I hardly ever do a interview without some fool asking if I can do five things at once. RANT: Today's business climate has this attitude that if you can't do it, then we'll find someone who will! Everyone is always reminded of their expendability. Another thing I hear often is people are rushed all the time, no job request seems to be without the "RUSH" preface. After awhile, "RUSH" becomes a normal request and is expected on a continuous basis. Business just don't seem to understand what kind of resentment that attitude causes. It is also excessive greed on the part of business who "try to get it all", over a reason profit. I call it "Rockefellian"

Second part of my thinking is that Americans have this society where everything is drive-thru or instant service, I believe this transcends to their every interaction with people and machine. (Check out people tapping their foot in front of the Microwave oven, obviously impatient with the machines slowness, not marveling it's modern convenience). Starting with my generation we have been told to expect nothing less than fast and speedy and if the entity can't deliver it then.., Well, that entity is just not worth doing business with! Advertising has had a lot to do with this also. I know this personally being in the advertising and print business. I call it impatient

Anyway I'm not sure how to tell you to slow down, since most of it will seem "unresponsible" but I don't think so. But when you decide to slow down your life, somethings going to have to give. I have found I am more relaxed and in a better mood when I don't worry about being a few minutes late (better late than never, I say) I don't even try to compete with the people menacing our highways with their "Busy Life" driving style, if traffic makes me late, then so be it! I don't attempt to make up time by speeding and dangerous driving. I only worry about my children, not if my electric bill is a week late. I don't care about the nightly news, a source of panic for anyone watching this shit, switch off TV news and tomorrow will seem brighter. I also do not watch the clock, and if you want to try something, the next time you have a few days off don't look at the clock. Look at the Sun if you need to find out what part of the day it is. These are just a few of the things I do to remove myself from manic pace of American society.