Time, every wonder where the idea for the clock came from? I got a idea, but hey use your Google or Jeeves and have a little academic fun. But now me and the Clock: First as I tell everyone who cares to know me, "I am not a Clock worshipper".

I try to be on time when I can but have discovered I am one of those humans who is just out of sync with the machine. So I don't stress myself over this, I learned sometime around 12 years of age that me and the Clock don't jive.

Yes, I have had many nice watches from my parents. My parents seemed to be prompt when it came to time. I certainly did not acquire it from them.

I like to be on time, it seems that time works againest me, so I just go with my primordial internal clock. I suspect I am primative, a Cro-magnum/Neanderthal man if you need a label.

One thing that I tell those who require my company (girlfriends/employers) I will be there, just probably a few minutes late. Reliable, just not on time.