It has become a issue, or should I say with my daughter why I don't answer the phone. First, most of the time it is for my daughter, and that is ok with me. I am not stopping what I'm doing to answer the phone, I bought a wonderful digital device called a answering machine and it does that for me, freeing me to continue my chores and tasks at home.

Second, The people calling seem to be put off that they can never talk to me. I sorry telephonists, just because I pay for a telephone line (for me to use) does not mean that I am under any obligation to answer the phone just because you call me. And again, I am paying for the damn phone line. Who gave these businesses the right to use my phone line to disturb me?

Historic observance: The telephone was the first device to come into Americans home that was a convienence and a annoyance. Don't believe me? check out some movies from the late 20's and 30's. In these old movies you will often see the telephone portrayed as bothersome when it rings. Remember most Americans by the 1930's had a telephone and this was starting to be apparent as it changed our home life.