Rules of Paradox:

We don't like to admit it, but Paradox is ALWAYS our own damn fault. It's not some great cosmic smackdown to teach us a lesson for daring to push the bounds of established reality. It's the hammer of justice smashing down on yuppie scumbags who think they can rape the system and get away clean. It's the bar full of off-duty cops when a clueless punk wanders in and tries to stick the place up. It's Lady Reality's older brother, stomping the shit outt of jagoffs who try to get in her pant on the first date.

First lesson of Paradox:
You don't get a freebie. Once you play you've GOT to pay; no exceptions. It's the piper come for payment. It's the scorpion's bargian. It's a sucker punch to the gut you can't dodge, because you just busted that guy in the chops and left youself open.
Second lesson of Paradox:
It's never something you want. It's never something you like. And it's never, ever, something you're expecting.
Third lesson of Paradox:
It's never fair.
Fourth lesson of Paradox:
You don't need it that bad. You never need it that bad.
Fith lesson of Paradox:
There's always another way to get what you want. Always.
Sixth lesson of Paradox:
If you get away without getting caught, you weren't cheating.