Welcome to The D&D Rules for 3rd edition

Ever faced an enemy you can't see? How frustrating is that?

Well, next time you face that air elemental or invisible stalker, here's what you do. Simply throw some flour, dirt, grass, or if you're gonna be nasty about it kick some coals from the campfire on it. After that you should see it just fine (or if you used coals you hurt it pretty good to).

Ever been blinded? Sucks huh. Here's a clue, sucks for the other guy too!

Next time you're facing an enemy that just can't seem to miss blind him! Toss dirt, broken glass, salt, or again coals from the fire in his/hers/it's eyes! If it's blind it's gonna be alot harder to hit you!

Ray and touch attacks!

As with any ray, (Or touch attack) you roll to hit with it, but you don't have to penetrate armor. That means you can pretty reliably hit dragons, giants, enemy fighters, and other monsters that rely on scales, thick skin, and armor to protect them. Since you're rolling to hit, you even have a chance to get a critical. (20x2)

Movement in combat

Movement in combat can be trickey especially if you don't want to prevoke an attack of oportunity. So, simply tumble past your opponents (DC 15) and you don't have to worry. If you fail tho, you may suffer a nasty wound as you try to get by.

Mounted combat

Man it can suck being on foot against a person on a horse. First off they get a +1 bonus to hit you because of higher ground. Then they can move farther than you and faster because of being on a horse. Not to mention the infamose "Ride-By Attack". Which allows them to attack you and be out of range without you being able to hit them. Well, I've got a solution for you. Delay your action until the opponent attacks with a ride by (Try not to die) then attack the horse! Ride-By attack protects the Rider from attacks NOT the horse! However the rider can attempt to deflect the attact if they have the proper feat. Other than that try ti stay out of reach and use ranged attacks and/or spells.