Suasponte walks into the guilded throne room of his Lord and Lady.
He sees his queen, Myschief, sitting with her hand gently caressing the empty throne of her beloved, the king.
"You sent for me m'lady" said Suasponte.
As she looks up he sees a small tear in her eye.
"Suasponte, yes, yes I did." said Myschief
"I have to leave. I cannot tell you why, nor can I tell you when or even if I may return."
"I shall go with you!!" said Suasponte
Myschief smiles gently, stands and walks to Suasponte touching his shoulder with the tenderness she has always shared.
With a touch of sadness he has never heard before from her lips she says
"No, I must go alone."
Suasponte looks into her eyes, knowing that the words he is about to say will change nothing.
"I MUST go with you m'lady. It is not safe outside of the realm of Mischief~n~Mayhem. You need protection.
That IS my purpose for being here."
Myschief slowly turns and walks towards the throne of her beloved husband.
"My king has been gone for some time now. He left you in charge of our safety, and you have done a wonderful job protecting us.
He would have been proud to call you son."
" I cannot think of myself at this time, I must think of our children. They need you to guide and protect them as I know only you can."
" I need you here, to guard my children and keep them well."
"All that my love Meihem and I have built for our children must be guarded and preserved for them. "
"It is their Legacy..."

With that being said, Suasponte knows that he must do as his loving queen asks.
"I will do as you request m'lady."
Suasponte bows, turns and begins walking to the doors of the chamber.
"Yes m'lady?"
"Don't let them forget that I love them."
"Never, m'lady they will always know and hear of your love. Isn't that also a part of their Legacy?"
As he closes the chamber door behind him Suasponte looks back one last time.
He sees his queen sit at the foot of her king's throne and gently begin to sob.
He drops his head feeling tears well up in his eyes.
He then begins to smile as a plan to bring her home safely forms in his mind.
"When she comes home, there will be a warm welcome and many new friends to meet."
"There is much to do..."

The Legacy of Mischief