Self Employed, Weatherford, Tx: Java Development (01/02 – current)

Developed a webpage using Java Swing components to demonstrate Java ability.  The webpage includes a simple Applet which displays text in jframes, usage of jbuttons, event handling, and multi-threading.

Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth Tx: System Test (11/99 - 07/01)

System test of Virtual Product Development Environment application suites.  Database maintenance and administration for application data.  I worked  with a team that tested tool suits for compatibility with each tool in the suite as well as with the respective platform, i.e. Windows NT, SG Irix, and Sun Solaris.  Test procedures were written based on requirements documents and test reports were issued upon completion of the test.  General knowledge of the platform architecture was required.  I maintained and administered an MS Access database to collect and keep tool data.

Lockheed Martin Aero, Fort Worth Tx: Course Developer/Instructor (09/99 - 11/99)

Designed and Taught a course on Electric Motor Theory for a Management Development Program.  Based on my education as an electrical engineer, I designed the course from scratch.  I included basic electromagnetic and electric circuit principles, such as Amperes and Faradays laws, electric motor design, and electric motor model simplifications.  The class is an ongoing part of this program.

Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth Tx: Software Development (01/98 - 11/99)

Web based Java tool for distributed users to access a remote Microsoft Access database.  Database maintenance and administration.  I worked for the Systems/Software Engineering Environments group during the Demonstration/Validation phase of the Joint Strike Fighter program.  The groups responsibility was to evaluate development tools to be used for the aircraft software development.  I maintained and administered an MS Access database to keep track of tool data.  Also, to accommodate all users, I developed a web based interface with Java for this database.  Since the database was remote, I used Remote Method Invocation to access the methods of a small servlet to perform the database queries.  Queries were performed using SQL.  In an older version using Sockets and Streams and Threads, queries were performed using JDBC/ODBC.  The applet included AWT components and containers, event handling, applet security methods, data structures such as vectors and arrays, and processing complex data queries.  I also discovered a bug in Netscape Communicator for Solaris 4.7.  This version of Communicator cannot process AWT scroll panes with the scrollbar parameter set to always.

Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth Tx: Lab Architect (03/97 - 01/98)

Completed the architectural design of program support lab.  Vendor interface for equipment and maintenance acquisition.  Bid development for contract proposal.  Functions of the lab were compartmentalized and single function servers were installed.  For example, a Network File Service (NFS) server was installed to collect all user data from distributed locations and to act act as an application server.  Leading edge Sun technology was implemented in two application servers and a multi-processor Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Alpha host was used for intensive parallel processing applications.  Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) was used  in conjunction with optical disk storage and tape backup to back up user data based on the frequency of user access.  Internal networking was accomplished using dual ended Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI).  Digital document storage was implemented and application documentation and software storage was accomplished using state-of-the-art CD cabinet technology.

My responsibilities also included the management of the implementation of the lab.  These responsibilities included extensive communication with users to determine user needs and then exhaustive research and evaluation of the product market to determine the best and most cost effective solution.  Final product solutions were developed into a contract bid to be presented in a contract proposal.  Maintenance contract needs were also developed into a contract bid for presentation in the contract proposal.  In addition to managing the implementation of this lab, I have been responsible for developing the software development process for a System/Software Engineering Environment group.

Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth Tx: Software Process Development (05/96 - 03/97)

Developed software development process for Software/System Engineering Environment group.

Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth Tx: Software Requirements Development/Software Test (06/93 - 05/96)

Software requirements development for Avionic Simulation Environment (ASE) and other tools in support of Operational Flight Program development.  Software testing of ASE and other support tools. Software development process definition for development and deployment of support tools software.  The ASE tool was built upon rehosted test station models and used in a Sun Solaris workstation environment to test the operational flight program during development.  I was responsible for gathering requirements and writing the technical system requirements for ASE.  I would facilitate reviews by developers and users.  Upon completion of the various releases, I was responsible for performing the system testing.  Test procedures were written and test reports were issued upon completion of the tests.  Anomaly reports were written documenting problems.  For other tools, I was responsible for delivery to the customer.

General Dynamics Corporation, Fort Worth Texas Tx: Software Requirements Development (06/91 - 06/93)

Software requirements development for various aircraft subsystem models.  The models resided on subsystem test stations and worked in conjunction with other subsystem hardware and software models to test specific subsystem Operation Flight Programs.  I would review the avionic system requirements documents and produce avionic model requirements.  I would facilitate the reviews by the users and developers.  Upon completion of the various releases, I was responsible for performing the system testing.  Test procedures were written and test reports were issued upon completion of the tests.  Anomaly reports were written documenting problems.

General Dynamics, Fort Worth Tx: Software Test/Software Test Tool Development (11/89 - 06/91)

Software test of data transfer cartridge software.  Software test tool development to write and retrieve data on the data transfer cartridge using the C programming language in a Unix environment.  Data needed to be written to and retrieved from the data cartridge.  Files could be added to and deleted from the file structure of the cartridge which involved dynamic allocation of memory.  The test tools also provided the translation of user level data formats, such as Latitude and Longitude, into low level data formats.  It was necessary to have root privilege to access the various hardware devices on the system.  Error checking was extensive.

General Dynamics Corporation, Fort Worth Tx: Co-op (05/85 - 11/89)

During this time, I participated in the Co-op program with the University of Texas at Arlington and General Dynamic Corporation in Fort Worth, Texas.  My accumulated experience includes Computer Program Test and Evaluation, hardware development assistant, and requirements development.