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The following is a list of chapters in the book.

I. Who should read this book

Executives and managers who are thinking about implementing a wireless mobile data system, Sales people who are involved in selling wireless data communications systems, or anyone who wants a high level understanding of the wireless data communication industry, its features, benefits and anyone who wants to understand the distinctions between wireless communication technologies. This book is not intended to be a definitive technical reference for engineers and therefore will not cover subjects in great detail. I will recommend books on the subject and resources where more detail on a subject can be obtained in the bibliography.

II. Preface
Chapter 1 - The introduction to Data Communications
Chapter 2 - An introduction to wireless terminology

Chapter 3 - Cellular Technologies

Chapter 4 - GSM the European standard

Chapter 5 - Narrow Band

Chapter 6 - PCS

Chapter 7 - Private Radio

Chapter 8 - Public Packet Data
Chapter 9 - PinPoint & RacoTek
Chapter 10 - SMRs, ESMRs
Chapter 11 - Satellite
Chapter 12 - Spread Spectrum
Chapter 13 - Infrared Light
Chapter 14 - Paging
Chapter 15 - Microwave
Chapter 16 - GPS & AVL Technologies
Chapter 17 The Network Vendors

Chapter 18 -The RF Modem vendors
Chapter 19 - Mobile Computer Hardware
Chapter 20 - Case Studies of end user installations

Appendix A - Glossary of Terms
Appendix B - Annual Trade Shows
Appendix C - Publications
Appendix D - Associations
Appendix E - Suggested reading
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