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Cellular & CDPD Providers
Employment, Consulting, Contract opportunities & Associations
Global Position Satellite Systems (GPS)
Land Mobile Radio (SMR/LTR/ESMR/PRIVATE)
General RF Manufactures
Personal Communication Services (PCS)
Part 15 Unlicensed Communications & Wireless Lans
Software Tools
Telephone & Long Distance Companies
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Employment, Consulting, Contract opportunities & Associations.

Advanced Wireless Communications
Supporting the wireless and wireline technical disciplines for employment, consulting, contract opportunities, news and networking.

Alliance for Competitive Communications

A concise resource guide to the House debate on telecommunications reform. Check frequently for up-to-date information!

Lockard & White
L&W is a professional telecommunications engineering firm, headquartered in Houston, Texas, with a clientele that spans the globe. The firm's telecommunication projects range in size and complexity from small Vsat installations to complex country-wide systems involving microwave, mobile radio, data, fiber optic and telephone networks. In addition to providing detailed engineering and project management, the firm also provides various consulting activities such as feasibility studies, needs analysis, and regulatory affair coordination.

Wireless Dealers Association

Founded in 1986, WDA is made up of wireless dealers, agents, retailers and resellers. Wireless Dealers Association is the largest organization of its type worldwide. This year we have a new member classification - the commercial supplier member. WDA is the association of choice for professionals and companies involved in the wholesale and retail wireless industry.

Software Tools


Wireless Connect Your source for Wireless IP products and services.


Powerful mapping applications with high quality digital maps, you can accurately display your database locations on any of the specially created, geographically correct maps. Tap into the US Department of Defense Global Position Satellite System (GPS) with a GPS receiver, and you can also display your actual position in real time.

General RF Hardware Vendors IBM
RF hardware for wirless lans, ARDIS, RAM Mobile Data and CDPD in PCMCIA format

Steinbrecher supplies wideband base station products for wireless communications applications, including Cellular and PCS. The company's patended wideband technology offers network operators significantly improved performance, capacity, flexibility and quality at a cost substantially lower than that of competing products.

Personal Communication Services (PCS)

Access Plus (PCS)
Access Plus Communications, Inc. (Access Plus) was founded in order
to bid on broadband PersonalCommunications Services (PCS) licenses.

Air Touch
PCS PrimeCO L.P. A joint venture between:
AirTouch Communications, Bell Atlantic, NyNex, U.S. West.

Part 15 Unlicensed Communications

Cylink Corporation

Cylink's Airlink wireless modems can connect locations 30 miles (50 km) apart and, with repeaters, even farther. With an omnidirectional indoor antenna, Airlinks communicate up to 1000 feet.

The FreeWave TM Technologies family of Wireless Data Transceivers offers a solution which is easy to use, robust, and secure. Free Wave transceivers use spread spectrum radio to transmit data through the unlicensed band of 902 - 928 Mhz. Wireless data com munications are now possible with range and throughput not previously available: 115 Kbaud uncompressed at up to 20 miles and 9600 Baud at up to 60 miles. With external antennas even greater distances are achieved.

Netplan ApS is a consultant company in the field of tele- and datacommunications. As a natural part of our advisory this Web server holds a number of relevant information about our services and projects.


Since being founded in 1982, Persoft, Inc., has specialized in replacing expensive traditional solutions with inexpensive and powerful connectivity solutions. Today, Persoft is a worldwide leader in PC-to-host software and wireless network connectivity.

Tetherless Access Ltd. (TAL) provides technology to allow telecommunications service providers to build high-speed, wireless TCP/IP networks.

Wi-LAN Inc. was incorporated in the Province of Alberta, May 14, 1992 (as 529144 Alberta Inc., changed its name to Wi-LAN Inc. in August 1992), for the purpose of commercializing on an international scale a technology that could be described as the most spectrally efficient spread technology.

Windata's FreePort Wireless Ethernet LAN System The FreePort(TM) Wireless Ethernet LAN System from Windata provides reliable, cost-effective, standards-based LAN connectivity for today's mobile personal computer users.

Land Mobile Radio (SMR/LTR/ESMR/PRIVATE)

With over ten years of wireless data system experience, DATARADIO has been the leading company in providing high performance and reliable products to end users, system integrators, OEMs and research organizations around the world. Whether replacing an existing wire communication network, integrating a fixed wireless network with a mobile data system or solving a unique wireless application.

Maxon America, Inc.
In the State of Florida Only
Mobile, Portable, and Data Radios,SMR Mobiles and Portables


PageMart Wireless Services
Satellite paging across the nation.

SpaceCom Systems

SpaceCom specializes in marketing point-to-multipoint C-Band and Ku-Band transmission services, and provides companies across the nation with the most advanced satellite technology for audio and data broadcast services.


Datalink International : Mobitex
DLI DataLink International Inc. is a Systems Integrator and reseller of Mobitex services and hardware including Infowave Wireless Email (in Canada) and WyndMail Wireless Email (in the U.S.A.)

RAM Mobile Data

Wynd Communications
Wynd Communications is a mobile and wireless service bureau providing paging, fax, electronic mail and information services over the RAM Mobile Data network. Wynd is a subsidiary of Call America Business Communications Corporation, a California long distance telephone company founded in 1983. Call America is also a provider of telecommunications and messaging services. Both are located in San Luis Obispo, California.


Project Overview

Wide-area wireless data services have been more of a promise than a reality. We believe that success for wireless datadepends on the development of a digital communications architecture that integrates and interoperates across regional-area,wide-area, metropolitan-area, campus-area, in-building, and in-room wireless networks.

Carnegie Mellon
The Coda File System is a descendant of the Andrew File System(AFS), and inherits its models of security and system administration, as well as its attributes of location transparency and compatibility with Unix binaries. An overview paper describes the relationship between AFS and Coda. Odyssey, a platform for mobile computing, is a follow-on project to Coda and is in the early stages of implementation.

The MosquitoNet project is working towards providing seemingly continuous network connectivity for mobile computers on the Internet.



The PARCTAB system consists of palm-sized mobile computers that can communicate wirelessly through infrared transceivers to workstation-based applications.

Telephone and Long Distance Companies

BellSouth Telecommunications Inc. with headquarters in Atlanta, provides telecommunications
services within the BellSouth region. BellSouth Telecommunications does business as Southern Bell
in North Carolina, South Carolina,Georgia and Florida, and as South Central Bell in Kentucky,
Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

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ADC communications
A Full Service WORLD WIDE Telecommunications Agency

AIRplex a quality, industry standard 28.8 kbs PCMCIA modem capable of both conventional corded and convenient cordless operation. It frees you to work anywhere in your office or home without the hassle and complications of common "jacked-in" modems. AIRplex is made by K and M Electronics.

K and M Electronics
Since 1974, K and M has been leader in infrared light detection electronics and wireless voice/data communication. The Company has been a pioneer in diffuse (flooding) infrared communications since 1980.

Call America Business

Cellular One
Headquartered in Greenbelt, MD since 1983 and with offices and coverage throughout the Washington/Baltimore area


Established in August 1992, the Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) is a National R&D Centre funded by National Science and Technology Board (NSTB).

Communications Research Centre
The Communications Research Centre (CRC) is Industry Canada's major communications research facility located west of Ottawa. With some 200 engineers and scientists, it conducts leading-edge research in:


Mobilizer for Windows is a powerful new software tool from Digital that increases the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of a mobile work force and allows mobile computer users to work when and where it best suits their needs.

EX Machina


Federal Communications Commission. General_Information, Daily_Releases ,Speeches, Auctions ,

Pen-Based Computing on the Web

GTE Mobilenet.

interactive journal of mobile computing
An Interactive Journal of Mobile Computing to provide timely dissemination of results
in this new and rapidly expanding research area. A WWW server, with a list of pointers to
new papers in this area.

Intelligent Information Incorporated Intelligent Information Incorporated offers a range of information products for personal and business solutions to users of handheld, wireless devices. The company is a purveyor of "intelligent information" through its initial product lines that provide financial, news, weather and sports information updates and alerts. Intelligent Information Incorporated currently provides its products throughout the United States and internationally to reseller organizations and subscribers. These products are delivered over public networks including paging, two way radio and specialized mobile radio and can be received using an alphanumeric pager, a PCMCIA card with a personal digital assistant or a laptop/palmtop personal computer, and specialized two way devices.

InterVision Systems
SYSTEM SIX Wearable Computer SYSTEM SIX is a miniature (4.5" x 4.5" x 2.7"), light weight (ony 3.3 pounds!) '486 computer that clips on your waist. A miniature, high resolution VGA display is mounted on any protective headgear.

Two PCMCIA slots, two serial ports, and a parallel port dramatically expand the system's capabilites.


Metricom, Inc., (Nasdaq: MCOM) founded in 1985, develops, manufactures, and markets wireless data communication networks.

Motorola is one of the world's leading providers of wireless communications, semiconductors and advanced electronic systems and services. Major equipment businesses include cellular telephone, two-way radio, paging and data communications, personal communications, automotive, defense and space electronics and computers. Communication devices, computers and millions of consumer products are powered by Motorola semiconductors.

Motorola's Advanced Radiodata Research Centre
The Advanced Radiodata Research Centre (ARRC) is an initiative of Motorola and the Canadian Federal Government to provide funding and support to Canadian software developers and universities for research in wireless data technology.

Mobile Office Magazine
Mobile Office on the Web, a source for the most comprehensive information about portable computers and, reviews.

Online Mobile Magazine

OzEmail, Australia's leading Email & Internet service provider announces new wireless access to OzEmail with Telecom MobileData

Oki Electric
Kibataro Oki started building telephones in Japan in 1881. Now, the Oki family of companies spans the globe. Its core businesses are telecommunication systems, information processing systems and electronic devices.

Northwest Technical Services

Pacific Bell
Pacific Bell is the Regional Bell Operating Company for California. They provide data and voice telecommunications services to customers throughout the state.

Pacific Telesis

Philips Semiconductors
Philips Semiconductors is the tenth largest semiconductor supplier in the world. We offer advanced proprietary products for high-growth areas such as multimedia for PCs and for emerging interactive TV applications, wireless communications, and advanced audio and video products for a range of consumer applications.

Personal Electronics News, Information, and Products

PPT TElecom - Swiss

The mobile phone has gone European with NATEL D. GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. Along with numerous supplementary services, it offers special protection against misuse and tapping on the radio link. GSM also allows fax and data transmission. The system covers the main Swiss cities - Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano and Zurich - as well as some road links with neighbouring countries. A roaming function connects NATEL D users travelling in Germany, France, Italy and the Scandinavian countries. By 1997, NATEL D GSM will be operational in nearly all inhabited areas of Switzerland as well as in most other European countries.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA, QUALCOMM develops, manufactures, markets, licenses, and operates advanced communications systems and products based on its proprietary digital wireless technologies. The Company's primary product and development areas are the OmniTRACS system (a geostationary satellite-based, mobile communications system providing two-way data and position reporting services), Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless communications systems and products and, in conjunction with others, the Globalstar low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite communications system.

Sierra Digital Communications
A supplier of short haul microwave radio communications equipment operating in the millimeter wave frequency bands. They design and build complete radio links in the 18 Ghz, 23 Ghz, and 31 Ghz. bands.

Southwestern Bell


Standard Communications
Portable VHF/UHF Radios
800 MHZ Trunked/Conventional Radios

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Industrial Computing Laboratory
IN (Ecublens)
CH 1015 Lausanne

For a number of technical and industrial applications, the need to communicate with mobile or otherwise remote platforms is developping. This project addresses wireless communication means that are compatible with existing industrial networks.

Technology Reinvestment Project
Digital Wireless Communcations & Networking Systems

Development of innovative communications and networking products based on advanced, configurable digital wireless technologies to promote such military initiatives as the "Digitization of the Battlefield."


Ubiquitous Computing
Ubiquitous Computing is the idea of invisible computation everywhere enhancing life in the real world. This idea is also sometimes called "Ubicomp" and "Embodied Virtuality". The initial incarnation of ubiquitous computing was in the form of "tabs", "pads", and "boards" built at Xerox PARC, 1991-1994

Wireless Indoor Spread Spectrum Communication Equipment
The problem of office and house wiring is well known: just moving some equipment is nearly impossible. Such an operation cost time and brings huge costs along with it. To overcome such problems, much research is going on which should lead to a wireless office. Communications between equipment is then wireless and so easy relocatable.

Wireless Opportunities Coalition

The group supports the development, manufacture, and use of wireless communications and related devices that are not licensed by the FCC, but are regulated under part 15 of its rules.

Wireless Information Network Laboratory - Rutgers

Wireless Andrew Carnegie Mellon University's Information Networking Institute is conducting a research initiative in high-speed wireless communications and computing.

Wireless/Mobile Networks

University of Massachusetts Wireless Local Area Networks

The Xircom Ethernet+Modem adapters let you and your notebook connect to anyone or anything at anytime from anywhere. The first PC Card to combine a high-speed data/fax modem with both cellular capability and a high speed Ethernet connection

Mobile Computing Bibliography

Mobile Computing at CITI

University of Washington: Research in Mobile Ubiquitous Computing

The Mobile Computing Laboratory at Columbia University

Advanced Network Solutions

Mobile Computing Research at Purdue

Communications Engineering Home Page

Cost effective solutions from a leading manufacturer of wireless communications systems.

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