Wireless Middleware & System Integrators

Alliance Systems Inc.

One Pierce Place Suite 100W
Itasca, IL 60143
Phone: (708) 773-8200
Fax: (708) 775-1552

Development and integration of wireless network systems software and mobile application solutions.

Astea International Inc.

55 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA 01730
Phone: (617) 275-5440
Fax: (617) 275-1910

Information management for customer service organizations.

Datmatic, Inc.

2121 North Glenville Drive
Richardson, Texas 75082
214-234-1134 Fax

Datamatic is a systems integrator specializing in wirelessly enabling access to legacy systems.

David Whitt & Associates

David Whitt & Associates, Inc. (DWA) is a South Florida based Systems Integrator specializing in Wireless Automated Data Collection Systems.


One World Trade Center, Suite 800
P.O. Box 32175
Long Beach, California 90832-2175

TEL: (310) 427-2863
FAX: (310) 427-5989
EMAIL: mh.eca@ix.netcom.com

Low cost private wireless computer to computer connections, wireless LAN's, LAN to LAN wireless connectivity, point of sale (credit card) networks, and remote telemetry. Wirelrss point-to-point and point- to-multipoint connections. Data rates 9600 baud to 2.0 Mbps. Telemetry data rates 1200 baud to 9600 baud.

For point of sale (credit card) networks, video, fax, and voice communications. For remote locations with no telephone service, or where it is too costly or difficult to install cable. Emergency backup for telephone company lines.

Modems, multiplexers, compressors, gateway controllers, data encryptors, antenna systems and cables.
Fast RTS/CTS carrier and clock acquistion (delay as low as 2 milliseconds). Low error rates of 1 x 10 -8 or better. Connection to standard interfaces including RS-232, V.35, V.11, RS-449, or G.703.

X.25,/HDLC, X.75, X.3, X.28, X.29, X.32, SNA/SDLC/QLLC, IBM 3270 BSC/DSP, 2780,/3780, BSC Synchrounous Frames and Asynchronous traffic over Frame Relay.

Transmission distances of 30 miles (greater distances with repeater system options).

VHF 132-142 Mhz, 142-150 Mhz, 150-162 Mhz, 162-174 Mhz UHF 403-430 Mhz, 450-470 Mhz, 480-512 Mhz, 400-512 Mhz L-Band 802-960 Mhz, 902-928 Mhz, S-Band 2.40 - 2.4835 Ghz

ICC International Inc.

48 Horsehill Rd.
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927
Phone: (201) 267-6600
Fax: (201) 326-8988

Dispatch Management Information System (DisMIS) a dispatching and information management system.

Mentor Engineering

#503-609 14th St. NW
Calgary, AB
Canada, T2N 1N4
Fax: (403)7773769

Mentor Engineering Inc. designs and manufactures mobile data equipment for the automation of various dispatching, status reporting and data collection functions.

MODA Systems Inc.

One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: (617) 494-0402
Fax: (617) 494-1744

provides client/server software for mobile computing.

Nettech Systems Inc.

158 Wall St.
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone: (609) 683-0100
Fax: (609) 683-5019
E-Mail: don@nettechrf.com

InstantRF Workbench software tool kits that allows developers to add two-way wireless connectivity to dispatch, e-mail, database and other applications. RFMlib is a network-layer Application Programming Interface to send and receive data over wireless networks via radio modems.

Oracle Corp.

500 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
Phone: (415) 506-4176
Fax: (415) 506-7132

Mobile Agents software allows easy connectivity between corporate databases and wireless mobile users


Racotek provides mobile data communication software products and services that extend corporate information systems to people in the field. In addition to its software products, the Company provides professional services, systems integration, training, and end-to-end mobile network system support. Racotek targets its products and services at organizations in the transportation, field service, sales/order entry and utility markets. Organizations in these markets employ more than 23 million mobile workers.

Racotek, Inc.
7301 Ohms Lane
Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55439
TEL. 612-832-9800
FAX 612-893-9383

KeyWare(TM) Product Overview
Racotek's patented product, KeyWare, is mobile networking system software that extends information beyond the walls of the office. KeyWare users can extend their existing information and control systems over wireless and wireline wide area networks. KeyWare allows organizations to rapidly integrate mobile data communications into existing and new applications by reducing application development time, delivering better control of wireless network transmission costs and allowing the integration of new and emerging technologies without change to the customer's application. KeyWare's Wireless Distributed Computing environment utilizes a client/server server/client architecture specifically designed to provide high level application services to host and portable applications.

Racotek's role is to provide companies with a single point of contact for all mobile data communications needs. The company provides customers with implementation assistance including: mobile data system analysis and design, mobile application development, system integration and installation, customer training and network management. The Company has established business partnerships with the leading providers of wireless data networks, portable computing devices and vertical market application software products. These partnerships enable Racotek to provide solutions to both large end users and directly to small and medium vertical market customers.

Research In Motion (RIM)

180 Columbia Street
West Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3L3
Phone: (519) 888-7465
Fax: (519) 888-6906

wireless connectivity for RAM Mobile Data's Mobitex network. RAD-I/O is an application development tool for creating wireless-enabled applications.

ROADSHOW International Inc.

8300 Greensboro Dr., Suite 400
McLean, VA 22102
Phone: (703) 790-8300
Fax: (703) 790-8333

Service Systems International Ltd.

8717 West 110th Street Suite 600
Overland Park, KA 66210
Phone: (800) 826-4351, (913) 661-0190
Fax: (913) 661-0220

Provider of software and information technology solutions for field service, maintenance and repair organizations.

Software Corporation of America

Founded in 1981, Software Corporation of America (SCA) is a leading provider of application software products and communication development tools for wireless and landline connectivity between personal computers and mainframes, wide and local area networks, and other personal computers.

100 Prospect Street
Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 359-2773
Fax: (203) 359-3198
BBS: (203) 967-7205

Regus Airport Centre
Bessenveldstraat 25A
1831 Diegem (Brussels) Belgium

Phone: 011 32 (02) 716.48.95
Fax: 011 32 (02) 716.47.19
European Contact: Robert Marchese

Wireless InfoNet

Designs, installs, and maintains wireless WANs. They provide this service in the San Francisco Bay and Northern California areas.

Jack Unger - President
Wireless InfoNet (408) 335-2439

Tim Cocklin

1801 Royal Lane, Suite 915
Dallas, Texas 75229
1-214-506-3000 phone
1-500-673-2846 personal phone number
1-214-506-0770 Fax
E-mail - Timc@iadfw.net
Compuserve - 76552,2343